German Studies Minor

The minor in German Studies consists of 30 credit hours. All students must take the following courses:

  • 15-GRMN-201-2-3 (15 credits): Second Year German
  • 15-GRMN-301-2-3 (9 credits): Introduction to German Studies

The remaining six credits may be earned by taking any course the department offers aside from the required courses and the basic language courses. This choice of electives includes our study-abroad offerings.

There is a special minor for students in the international co-op program that allows them to receive credit for their co-op courses. ICP students find it relatively simple to add a minor in German Studies to their main degree and can strategically choose courses to fulfill GenEd and other requirements alongside their major coursework. Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for details.

Although study abroad is not required for a minor in German Studies, nearly all of our minors in recent years have spent some time in Germany or Austria during their studies at UC. Options range from a 10-day trip to Berlin to a six-month co-op at a German or Austrian company. Several scholarships are available to fund study abroad.

Interested in pursuing the idea of minoring in German Studies? Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jennifer Kelley-Thierman, for more information.