Four-Day Field Trips

Each year the faculty, students, and staff of the Department of Geosciences organize a three to four day field trip.  Generally, the destination is to localities in the eastern mid-west of the U.S. During this trip, known as the '4-day field trip,' the group studies the spectacular geology of this part of the country. Graduate and undergraduate students receive credit by signing up for the course 'Autumn Field Trip.'

One aspect of the 4-day trips we take every fall stands out - the people involved. One of our primary goals is to provide the opportunity for faculty and students to interact scientifically and to get to know one another. This is particularly important for all of our incoming graduate students. Social interactions are woven into all aspects of the trip, from the small group exercises we do all day to the conversations, arguments, jokes, and songs that frequently last well into the night.

We return to the Department with new friends, high morale, and a camaraderie that is unique to common field experiences. We know why we are in geology - the people and the great outdoors (including our urban centers!) of fieldwork.

Here are the places we've visited recently:

  • 2009 - Northern Oregon and southern Washington following the GSA meeting in Portland

  • 2010 - Lake Cumberland and southern Kentucky

  • 2011 - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois following the GSA meeting in Minneapolis

  • 2012 - Northwest Ohio and Lake Erie

  • 2013 - Athens/Hocking Hills area in southeast Ohio

  • 2014 - Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, Virginia

  • 2015 - Salt Fork State Park, eastern Ohio