English Graduate Organization (EGO)

About EGO

EGO is a coordinator of events; provider of professional development; supporter of diverse needs; and (maybe most importantly) a friend to corroborate with during this incredibly enriching-and exhausting-time of our lives. Historically, EGO schedules workshops, hosts creative readings, and plans social events.

We're committed to serving the honest, hard-working, hungry-for-more students that make up this incredible department, and we're proud of the strong relationship we've established with our faculty and administrators over the years. Because of this relationship, we feel comfortable calling ourselves the "voice of the student body"' and feel that our thoughts, suggestions, and concerns are of great interest to our superiors. So EGO isn't just about a beer on the last Friday of every month. We are an active advocate for your growth and professionalization into this field.

Mission Statement

The English Graduate Organization (EGO) is comprised of all graduate students in the department and is governed by a steering committee of elected students. EGO was formed to protect the rights and hear the grievances of all graduate students in English, and has expanded into a more extensive role in enhancing the professional lives of graduate students. EGO elects representatives to two faculty committees and oversees a quarterly survey of the graduate students' course evaluations. It also arranges seminars and readings of various kinds throughout the year.