Visiting Seminar Series 2018 - 2019

  • Michael Roper, Florida State University
    "Analytical Methods for Investigating Dynamic Behavior of Pancreatic Cells"
  • Jinjun Liu, University of Louisville
    "Laser Spectroscopy of Reaction Intermediates in Combustion and Atmospheric Chemistry"
  • Catherine J. Murphy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    "Gold Nanocrystals: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology" (CGSA Speaker of the Year)
  • Shubham Vyas, Colorado School of Mines
    "Perfluorochemical Degradation: A Physical Organic Perspective"
  • Ron Elber, University of Texas at Austin
    "Computer Simulations of Longtime Events of Biological Processes"
  • Heather Clark, Northeastern University
    "Building an Imaging Toolbox: Nanosensors for in vivo Imaging" 
    (1st Annual Translational Nanoscience Colloquium)
  • Robert Kennedy, University of Michigan
    "The Nanoliter Lab: New approaches to screening and sensing using droplet microfluidics"
  • Ruxandra Dima, University of Cincinnati
    "Multi-scale Modeling of the Nanomechanics of Microtubule Filaments" (Oesper speaker)
  • Carlos Camacho, University of Pittsburgh
    "Kinetics and Thermodynamics Ideas of Protein Folding Still in the Running" (Oesper speaker)
  • Riina Tehver, Denison University
    "Investigating Myosin VI Stepping Mechanism" (Oesper speaker)
  • Changbong Hyeon, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
    "Energetic Costs, Precision, and Transport Efficiency of Molecular Motors" (Oesper speaker)
  • Ed O’Brien, Pennsylvania State University
    "Non-equilibrium Coupling of Protein Structure and Function to Translation-elongation Kinetics" (Oesper speaker)
  • Greg Morrison, University of Houston
    "The Impact of Spatial Constraints on Biomolecular Systems" (Oesper speaker)
  • Margaret Cheung-Wyker, University of Houston
    "Molecular Underpinnings of Postsynaptic Calmodulin-dependent Calcium Signaling" (Oesper speaker)
  • Mike Hinczewski, Case Western Reserve University
    "Steering Evolution: what can proteins teach us about population genetics" (Oesper speaker)
  • Dave Thirumalai, University of Texas at Austin
    "Roles of Theory and Computations in Biophysics" (Oesper Awardee)
  • George Lorimer, University of Maryland
    "From Anfinsen to Iterative Annealing" (Oesper banquet spaker)
  • Guillermo Ameer, Northwestern University
    "Materials for Regenerative Engineering Applications"
  • Xinyan Tracy Cui, University of Pittsburgh
    "Biomimetic Strategies Towards Seamless Neural Implants/Tissue Integration"
  • Dominik Heger, Masaryk University,Czech Republic
    "Ice is cool!
    Chemical Compounds in/on the Ice"
  • Stanislav Groysman, Wayne State University
    "Nitrene and Carbene Chemistry at Middle and Late Metals in Bis(alkoxide) Ligand Environments"
  • Giles Dillingham, PhD, CEO, Chief Scientist, Brighton Technologies, LLC
    "Adhesion science: Quantitative relationships between surface functional group concentration, surface energy, and adhesion" 
  • Kevin Cash, Colorado School of Mines
    “Continuous, Real-Time, Physiological Monitoring with Nanosensors”
  • Siva Jayaraman, Bowling Green State University
    “Strategies for Manipulating Excited State Reactivity and Selectivity in Molecules and Materials”
  • Dany Carlier, CNRS, University of Bordeaux
     “Vanadium Fluorophosphates as Positive Electrode Materials for Na Ions Batteries”
  • Annette Rowe, University of Cincinnati, Department of Biological Sciences
    "Eating Rocks! Microbes that mobilize electrons from minerals, electrodes and other microbes as an energy source"
  • Ashok K. Ganguli, IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India
    "Design of nanostructures for photoelectrochemical applications"
  • Christian Kastrup, The University of British ColumbiaDepartment of Chemistry & Molecular Biology
    “Geobiochemistry and Drug Delivery Systems in Blood Clotting”
  • Kevin Moeller, Washington University, St. Louis
    “Exploring the Interplay between Organic Synthesis and Electrochemistry. Capitalizing on a Synergistic Relationship”
  • Khalid Salaita, Emory University
    “Nanoscale probes to image and manipulate molecular forces in living systems”
  • Melissa A. GrunlanTexas A&M University
    "Orthopedic Biomaterials Enabled by Network Architecture" (CGSA Speaker of the Year)
  • Yan-Kai Tzeng, Stanford University
    “Fluorescent NanoDiamond: Synthesis, Properties and Applications”