Visiting Seminar Series 2017 - 2018

  • Jaya Sridhar, Xavier University of Louisiana
    "Potential Therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease: Development of Casein Kinase 1δ Inhibitors that Lead to Inhibition of Tau Phosphorylation at Ser202 and Ser396"
  • Rigoberto Hernandez, John Hopkins University
    "Dynamical Consistency in Sustainable Nanoparticles"
  • William Wagner, University of Pittsburgh
    "Designing Polymers to Intervene in the Remodeling of the Cardiac Wall Following Myocardial Infarction"
  • Tomislav Friscic, McGill University
    "Chemistry 2.0: Towards a More Efficient, Cleaner Synthesis of Molecules and Materials via Solvent-free Reactivity"
  • Yujie Sun, Utah State University
    "Inexpensive Catalysts for H2 Production and Organic Upgrading: From Water Splitting to Biomass Valorization"
  • Tania Baker, MIT
    "AAA+ Unfoldase motors: powerful protein destroyers and activators"
  • Malcolm Forbes, Bowling Green State University (OH)
    "Photodynamic Therapy, Toils and Troubles: Problems Solved With Tiny Bubbles"
  • Jianbing Jiang, Yale University
    "Light-Harvesting Biohybrid Architectures with Natural Protein Scaffolds and Synthetic Chromophores"
  • Yang Yang, University of California, Berkeley
    "Synthetic Organic Chemistry as an Enabling Tool: Access to Valuable Small Molecules and Functional Materials"
  • Yujie Sun, Utah State University
    "Innovative Strategies for Nonconventional Water Splitting and Organic Upgrading"
  • Megan Fieser, University of Minnesota
    "Analysis of Rare-Earth Metal and Actinide Complexes in Unusual Oxidation States"
  • Aditya "Ashi" Savara, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    "Elucidation of Kinetics and Mechanisms on Surfaces: From Ultrahigh Vacuum Environments to Liquid Phase Environments"
  • Demyan Prokopchuk, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    "Small Molecule Activation and Catalysis with Square Planar Iron Complexes"
  • Michael Haibach, California Institute of Technology
    "Applications of Pincer Complexes and Organocatalysis for the Activation of C –H, C –O and C –Br Bonds"
  • Lydia Kisley, University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign Beckman Institute
    "Proteins in nanoporous hydrogels: adsorption, diffusion, and folding"
  • David Modarelli, The University of Akron
    "Photochemistry in Self-Assembled Complexes" (Oesper speaker)
  • John Toscano, Johns Hopkins University
    "Chemistry and Biology of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Related Hydropersulfides (RSSH)" (Oesper speaker)
  • Elisa Leyva, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí
    "Synthesis, Photochemistry and Thermochemistry of Aryl Azides" (Oesper speaker)
  • James "Ned" Jackson, Michigan State University
    "AMHB: (Anti)aromaticity-Modulated Hydrogen Bonding: Modulation of Associations and Reactions" (Oesper speaker)
  • Dina Merrer, Barnard College
    "Carbene Whisperers: What Carbene Additions to Strained Bonds Tell Us About Reactivity" (Oesper speaker)
  • Chris Hadad, Ohio State University
    "Developing Therapeutic Approaches against Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction" (Oesper speaker)
  • Matthew Platz, University of Hawaii Hilo
    "Fifty Years of Carbene Chemistry: A Personal Perspective (Oesper Awardee)
  • Raymond Goodrich, Colorado State University
    "Improving Blood Safety on a Global Basis: A Thirty-Plus Year Journey with Dr. Matthew Platz" (Oesper banquet speaker)
  • Partha Basu, IUPUI
    "New Metal Dithiolene Chemistry: Sensor and Ligand-Based Donor-Acceptor Systems"
  • Francis Zamborini, University of Louisville
    "Metal Nanoparticle Analysis by Stripping Voltammetry"
  • Norman Lu, National Taipei University of Technology
    "Synthesis, Structure, Reactivity, and Properties of Fluorinated Ligands and their Metal Complexes (Pt, Pd, Ir, etc.): From Reusable Pt-Catalyzed Hydrosilylations to Medicinal and Sensory Applications"
  • Rafael Bruschweiler, The Ohio State University
    "New NMR Methods and Applications from Protein Dynamics to Metabolomics"
  • Jason DeRouchey, University of Kentucky
    "DNA in Tight Spaces: Linking Structure, Stability, and Protection in Cation Packaged DNA"
  • Thierry Toupance, University of Bordeaux (Zimmer International Scholar)
    "Molecular Approaches Towards Organic-Inorganic Hybrid and Nanostructured Metal Oxide Materials for Gas Sensing, Photovoltaic and Photocatalysis Applications"
  • Mona Tréguer-Delapierre, University of Bordeaux (Zimmer International Scholar)
    "Customizing the Surface of Nano-Objects for Engineering Hybrid Nanoparticles"
  • Andrew Ault, University of Michigan
    "Molecular Processes within Atmospheric Aerosols: Spectroscopic and Microscopic Insights"
  • Rajesh Sardar, IUPUI
    "PCR-Free Cancer Biomarker Assay in Blod: From Bench-Top to Bedside"
  • Vlad Iluc, University of Notre Dame
    "Secondary Metal-Ligand Interactions: C-H Activation and Metal-Carbon Multiple Bonding in Palladium Carbene Complexes"
  • Mathieu Pucheault, University of Bordeaux, France
    "Amine Borane Complexes: New Reactivities of Old Molecules"
  • Mathieu Pucheault, University of Bordeaux, France
    "Flow Chemistry: From Lab Curiosities to Industrial Applications"
  • Etienne Grau, University of Bordeaux, France
    "Vegetable plant oils as a versatile source of greener thermoplastics: example of non-isocyanate polyurethanes"