Visiting Seminar Series 2012-2013

  • Michael Feig, Michigan State University
    "Stability and Dynamics of Biomolecules in Cellular Environments"
  • Natalia Tretyakova, University of Minnesota
    "Mass Spectrometry of DNA-Protein Cross-Links"
  • Oleg Ozerov, Texas A&M University
    "Reaction Discovery with Pincer Complexes"
  • Stephen Craig, Duke University
    "Mechanochemical Remoeling: From New Reactions to Adaptive Materials"
  • Marvin E. Thrash, Jr., Central State University
    "Process Control Technology: (A Transition from Industry to the Human Body)"
  • Igor Alabugin, Florida State University
    "New Tricks from an Old Functional Group: Double-strand DNA-photocleavage, Rational Design of Carbon Nanostructures and Faster Click Chemistry"
  • Christian Hong, UC, College of Medicine
    "Circadian Rhythms in a Model Organism"
  • Christopher Burns, University of Louisville
    "Phosphinimine Arenesulfonates - New Ligands for Metal Mediated Catalysis"
  • Ron Millard, UC, Department of Pharmacology & Cell Biophysics
    “Free Will and the Future Workforce: What Career Paths Will My STEM Degree Open?”
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  • Yoan Simon, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
    “Stimulating Polymer Chemistry: Guiding Optical Properties through Architectural Control”
  • Carolyn Price, UC, Department of Cancer & Cell Biology
    "Rescuing Replication: Role of Mammalian CST at Telomeres and Replication Forks"
  • Marc Greenberg, Johns Hopkins University
    “The Chemistry of Nucleic Acid Damage in Free DNA and Nucleosome Core Particles”
  • Leonid Breydo, Scripps Research Institute, Florida
    “Effects of Crowding Agents on Protein Aggregation”
  • So-Jung Park, University of Pennsylvania
    “Amphiphilic Self-Assembly of Functional Nanoparticles and Polymers”
  • Theresa Reineke, University of Minnesota
    “Block Copolymer Drug Delivery Vehicles from a Combination of RAFT and Anionic Polymerization Routes”
  • Alan Marshall, Florida State University
    "Petroleomics: Chemistry of the Underworld" (Oesper Speaker)
  • Mark Wightman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    "Monitoring Chemical Neurotransmission in the Brain with Cyclic Voltammetry" (Oesper Speaker)
  • Vahid Majidi, University Multispectral Laboratory
    "Amerithrax: An Amalgamation of Pioneering Science with a Complex Investigation" (Oesper Speaker)
  • Mike Ramsey, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    "Making Big Measurements with Small Devices" (Oesper Speaker)
  • John Olesik, Ohio State University
    "The Life and Times of Droplets, Nanoparticles and Molecules in Inductively Coupled Plasmas: Implications for Accurate Measurements" (Oesper Speaker)
  • Frank Bright, University of Buffalo, SUNY
    "Xerogel-Nanocrystallite Hybrids for Optical Sensing" (Oesper Speaker)
  • Jake Shelley, University of Munster
    "Ambient Desorption/Ionization, Small Mass Spectrometers, and the Future of Analytical Chemistry" (Oesper Speaker)
  • Steven Ray, Indiana University
    "Inspiration, Innovation, Imagination, and Instrumentation" (Oesper Banquet Speaker)
  • Gary M. Hieftje, Indiana University
    "Models, Methods, and Machines for Chemical Measurements" (Oesper Awardee)
  • Andrew Herr, UC, Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology
    "Biophysical and Structural Studies of Zinc-dependent Intercellular Adhesion in Bacterial Biofilms"
  • Eva Schneiderman, Svetlana Farrell, Anand Venkitaraman, Procter & Gamble Company
    "PhDs in P&G: How Scientists Develop Consumer Products"
  • Daniel Savin, University of Southern Mississippi
    "Interfacial Curvature Effects in the Self-assembly and Responsiveness of Polypeptide-based Block and Star Copolymers"
  • Paul Wenthold, Purdue University
    "Controlling of Electronic Structure in Aromatic Nitrenes: Radical Delocalization and the Big Bang Theory"
  • Jana Pika, Firmenich
    "Identification of a Naturally Occurring Norcysteine Derivative in the Chinese Vegetable Toona sinensis"
  • Jacob Bertrand, University of Colorado
    "A Tour of Atomic Layer Deposition"
  • Philippe Buhlmann, University of Minnesota
    "Polymeric Fluorous Phases: From the Ultimate Limits of Low Polarity to Biocompatibility"
  • Hendrik Emons, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements
    "Scientific Challenges for Reliable Measurements across the Boundaries of Physics-Chemistry-Biology"