Visiting Seminar Series 2007-2008

  • Professor Karin Musier-Forsyth, Ohio State University
    "Host Cell Factor and Protein-nucleic Acid Interactions that are Critical for HIV Replication"
  • Dr. Gui Lin, UC Chemistry Visiting Scholar
    "Some Nanocomposites Based on Nodax(TM) Biodegradable Polyesters"
  • Dr. Balasubrahmanyan Addepalli, University of Kentucky
    "AtCPSF30 and Polyadenylation Site Choice"
  • Professor Michael Knapp, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
    "Controlling Redox Chemistry in Metalloenzyme/Nanoparticle Hybrids"
  • Professor Dale Schaefer, UC Chemical and Materials Engineering
    "How Nano are Nanocomposites?"
  • Professor Jonathan Sweedler, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign
    "Discovering Unusual Neurochemistry by Looking at Less"
  • Professor James P. Collman, Stanford University
    "Science Education: For Scientists and Non-Scientists"  (Industrial Affiliates Program)
  • Professor John I. Brauman, Stanford University
    "James Collman: An Appreciation" (Oesper Banquet Speaker)
  • Professor Kimoon Kim, Pohang University of Science & Technology
    "Cucurbiturils: A New Family of Host Molecules" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Dr. Matthew Holcomb, Nove Technologies Inc.
    "Superconducting Proximity Effect Composites: Application to Fault Current Limiters" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor K. Barry Sharpless, The Scripps Research Institute
    "Orthogonal Reactivity" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor Christopher Reed, University of California, Riverside
    "Silylium ion-like Chemistry" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor James P. Collman, Stanford University
    "Steady-State 4-Electron Reduction of Oxygen by a Synthetic Analog of Cytochrome C Oxidase under Rate-Limiting Electron Flux" (Oesper Award Lecture)
  • Professor Geoffrey Coates, Cornell University
    "Development of New Routes to Benign Polymeric Materials"
  • Professor Craig Forsyth, Ohio State University
    "Natural Products Total Synthesis: Beyond the Summit"
  • Dr. Anita Dimeska, Equistar
    "Polymer Crystals and Morphology: Polymorphism in Isotactic Polypropylene"
  • Professor Mary Cloninger, Montana State University
    "Using Glycodendrimers to Study Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions"
  • Professor Jason Heikenfeld, UC/Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science
    "Electrowetting: Applications in optics, lab-on-chip, textiles, and opportunities for development of new hydrophobic polymers"
  • Professor Carolyn M. Price, UC/College of Medicine
    "Telomeres: The Beginning and End of Chromosome Protection"
  • Dr. Neil Ayres, The University of Utah
    "Polymerizations from Surfaces Using Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: Strategies for Stimuli Responsive Surfaces and Biomaterials Coatings" (Faculty candidate, Polymer)
  • Dr. Zhibo Li, University of California, Los Angeles
    "Preparation of Hierarchical Supramolecular Assemblies from Novel Block Copolypeptides" (Faculty candidate, Polymer)
  • Dr. Edward Merino, California Institute of Technology
    "DNA Oxidation via Charge Transport in Mitochondria: Chemical and Biological Implications" (Faculty candidate)
  • Dr. John (Nick) Fisk, California Institute of Technology
    "Non-Natural Elements in the Exploration of Protein Structure and Function" (Faculty candidate)
  • Thuy Dang, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
    "Molecular Level Approach for the Enhancement of Axial Compressive Properties of Rigid-Rod Polymers"
  • Professor Rob Coalson, University of Pittsburgh
    "Understanding and Controlling the Function of Biological Ion Channels using Molecular Modeling Techniques" 
  • Dr. Lei Li, University of Michigan
    "Mechanism of Benzylsuccinate Synthase (BSS): A Radical Solution to Toluene Metabolism" (Faculty candidate)
  • Professor Peng George Wang, Ohio State University
    "Carbohydrate Conjugated Nanomaterials in Medical Applications: Anti-adhesion Drugs, Biosensors and Drug Delivery Systems" 
  • Dr. Jerry DeMenna, Sacred Heart University
    "Chemically Correct Cooking"
  • Professor Geert-Jan Boons, University of Georgia
    "Towards a Fully Synthetic Carbohydrate-Based Cancer Vaccine" 
  • Professor Stefan Paula, Northern Kentucky University
    "Design of Novel Hydroquinone-Based Inhibitors of the Sarco/Endoplasmic Reticulum Calcium-ATPase"
  • Professor Mark Williams, Northeastern University
    "Force-Induced Single Molecule DNA Interactions: From Small Molecule Binding to HIV Replication"   
  • Dr. Narayanan Venkat, University of Dayton Research Inst., Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
    "Advanced Polymer Dielectrics for Capacitive Energy Storage Applications"
  • Dr. Keyang Ding, Miami University, Ohio
    "Fast NMR Data Collection and Its Application" (NMR Facility Manager Candidate)
  • Dr. Tianzhi Wang, Auburn University
    "Applications of NMR on Small and Large Molecules" (NMR Facility Manager Candidate)
  • Professor John Herbert, Ohio State University
    "Trouble with TD-DFT: Theoretical Investigation of Excited Electronic States in DNA Oligomers and Other Large Molecules" 
  • Professor Valeri Barsegov, University of Massachusetts-Lowell
    "Analyzing the Forced Unfolding of Protein Tandems by Ordered Variates: Theory and Applications"
  • Professor Joel Liebman, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    "What Can Thermochemistry Tell Us About Chemistry?" 
  • Professor Glen Miller, University of New Hampshire
    "Research at the Boundaries between Organic Chemistry and Nanotechnology" 
  • Professor O. Yavuz Ataman, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
    "Vapour Generation and Atom Traps: Atomic Absorption Spectrometry at the ng/L Level"

    Professor Sir Harold Kroto, Florida State University
    "Architecture in NanoSpace" (sponsored by CGSA)
  • Professor Yi Li, University of Illinois
    "Biosynthetic Inorganic Chemistry: from Biomimetic to Novel Catalysts"
  • Professor Vadim Guliants, University of Cincinnati, Dept. of Chemical & Materials Engineering
    "Inclusion Chemistry in Periodic Mesoporous Hosts: Synthesis, Structure and Gas Separation Properties of Ordered Mesoporous Membranes" 
  • Professor Adel Halasa, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
    "Functional Polymers for Lower Hysteresis and Enhanced Polymer/Filler Interaction"
  • Professor Jorge Colon, University of Puerto Rico
    "Artificial Photosynthesis, Biosensors, and Vapochromic Materials using Layered Inorganic Nanomaterials"
  • Dr. Alexander Morgan, University of Dayton Research Institute
    "Fundamentals of Flame Retardant Chemistry in Polymers"
  • Professor Scott McLuckey, Purdue University
    "Gas-Phase Ion/Ion Reactions: New Chemistries for Bio-polymer Mass Spectrometry"
  • Professor Scott Hartley, Miami University, Ohio
    "Dynamic Covalent Assembly of 2D Organic Nanostructures"
  • Professor Amnon Horovitz, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel
    "Can Analysis of Correlated Mutations Reveal Pathways of Long-range Communication in Proteins?" (Zimmer International Scholar)
  • Professor Amnon Horovitz, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel
    "Coupling between Protein Folding and Allostery in the Chaperonin GroEL" (Zimmer International Scholar)
  • Professor Amnon Horovitz, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel
    "Protein Folding in the Machine Age: Chaperonin Function and Mechanism" (Zimmer International Scholar)