Visiting Seminar Series 2004-2005

  • Dr. Matthew Doyle, Procter & Gamble
    "The Magic of R&D - How Technologists Create Successful Consumer Products" (Awards Day Seminar)
  • Dr. Grace Tong, Scripps Research Institute
    "Novel Mass Spectrometry-Based Approaches to Metabolite Profiling"
  • Dr. William Carroll, President, American Chemical Society
    "Careers, the Furture and ACS"
  • Professor Robert A. Scott, University of Georgia
    "Transcription Initiation and Regulation in an Archaeal Hyperthermophile" (Joint with Biology)
  • Professor Marly Eidsness, University of Georgia
    "Rubredoxin Neomycin Phosphotransferase II Fusion Protein: A Study on the Insertion of Iron in Nascent Metallopolypeptides"
  • Dr. Deirdre Piedmonte, Amgen
    "From Discovery to Market: The Role of Formulation in the Production of Protein Human Therapeutics"
  • Mr. Mike Nemier and Mr. John Piening, Sam Adams Brewery
    "Brewing at Samuel Adams - Materials, Process and Product" (Chemistry Graduate Student Association)
  • Professor Eric Fossum, Wright State University
    "Controlled Synthesis of Linear and Hyperbranched Polymeric Materials via Polycondensation Chemistry "
  • Professor Richard P. Hotz, College of Mount St. Joseph
    "A Regioselective Template Reaction"
  • Professor Norbert Jakubowski, ISAS Institute for Analytical Sciences Dortmund and Berlin
    "Instrumental Developments for Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy" (Zimmer International Scholar)
  • Professor Norbert Jakubowski, ISAS Institute for Analytical Sciences Dortmund and Berlin
    "Elemental Tags - New Tools for the Analysis of Biomolecules" (Zimmer International Scholar)
  • Professor Pablo Molina, Murray State University
    "Computational Studies on Short Strong Hydrogen Bonds and Protein pKa Values"
  • Professor Miklos Kertesz, Georgetown University
    "Electronic Origin of Carbon Nanotube Actuation"
  • Professor Xavier Creary, Notre Dame 
    "Radicals and Carbocations: New Chemistry of Old Intermediates"
  • Professor Pavel Anzenbacher, Bowling Green State University
    "New Materials for Optical Sensing of Anions"
  • Professor Dan Falvey, University of Maryland
    "The Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Nitrenium Ions"
  • Professor Mary Barkley, Case Western Reserve University
    "Subunit Interactions in HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase"
  • Professor Marty Pagel, Case Western Reserve University
    "New Magnetic Resonance Molecular Imaging Agents for Assessing Tumor Angiogenesis and Enzyme Biomarkers"
  • Professor Marty Pagel, Case Western Reserve University
    "Molecular Imaging: How Chemists can Revolutionize Medical Diagnostics"
  • Professor Mary Kay Pflum, Wayne State University
    "Histone Deacetylase Proteins: An Intriguing Target for Small Molecule Drugs"
  • Professor John Hawes, Miami University - Ohio
    "Proteomic Analysis of Responses to Acid Food Preservations in Salmonella typhimurium"
  • Professor Matthew Almond, University of Reading, UK
    "Studies of Reactions in Organic Single Crystals: The Role of Infrared and Raman Spectroscopies"
  • Professor Christopher Boddy, Syracuse University 
    "Total Synthesis of Complex Molecules by Chemistry and Metabolic Engineering "
  • Dr. Jay Grate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    "Polymer Coated Vapor Sensor Arrays and the Chemical Information they Provide"
  • Professor Mohammad Omary, University of North Texas
    "Fundamental and Applied Areas in the Investigation of Phosphorescent Materials "
  • Professor Brian Gibney, Columbia University 
    "The Role of Fe(II) and Fe(III) Stability in Heme Protein Electrochemical Function: Lessons from the Protein Data Bank and De Novo Heme Protein Design"
  • Professor George M. Whitesides, Harvard University
    "Nanoscience and Nanotechnology" (Research Associates Speaker)
  • Professor Tobin J. MarksNorthwestern University
    "Self-Assembly Routes to Nanoscale Photonic and Electronic Structures and devices" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor Eugenia Kumacheva, University of Toronto
    "Materials with Structural Hierarchy" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor Ralph G. NuzzoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    "Micro, Nano, Macro: Silicon, Silicones and Soft-Lithography Off-Road on the Road Map" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Dr. Joanna AizenbergLucent Technologies
    "Control of Inorganic Crystallization by Organic Surfaces: A Bio-Inspired Approach" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor John I. BraumanStanford University
    "Exotic Electronic States of Negative Ions" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor Jean M. J. FrechetUniversity of California-Berkeley
    "Designing Dendrimeters and Nanoparticles for the delivery of Therapeutic Agents and Vaccines" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor Barry K. SharplessThe Scripps Research Institute
    "Stitching with Nitrogen" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor Chi-Huey WongThe Scripps Research Institute
    "Protein Glycosylation : Challenges and Opportunities" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor George M. Whitesides, Harvard University
    "Dynamic Self Assembly: Complexity and Emergence" (Oesper Award Lecture)
  • Felice Frankel, MIT
    "The Power of the Pretty Picture" (ACS Oesper Award Banquet Speaker)
  • Professor Ahmad Galal Abdo, University of Cairo, Egypt
    "Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Materials: Towards Organic Conducting Polymers Modified with Submicroscale Particles"
  • Professor Su-Moon Park, Pohang University of Science and Technology, S. Korea
    "Nanoscopic Examinations of Morphological and Electrical Properties of Conducting Polymers"
  • Professor Hendrik Emons, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Belgium
    "New Developments of Reference Materials for Quality Assurance in Bioanalysis "