Visiting Seminar Series 2002-2003

  • Dr. Susan E. Kegley, Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)
    "Pesticide Drift: The Science and Politics of Regulating a Common Toxic Exposure Hazard"
  • Professor Vincent L. Pecoraro, University of Michigan
    "Using Synthetic Modelling Chemistry to Understand Photosynthetic Water Oxidation Chemistry"
  • Professor Ariel Anbar, University of Rochester
    "Proterozoic Ocean Chemistry and Evolution: A Bioinorganic Bridge?"
  • Dr. Kenneth Greis, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
    "Mass Spectrometry-Based Technologies in Biomedical Research: Applications and Advances"
  • Professor Royce W. Murray, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    "Transport Measurements in New Materials and Media" (Industrial Affiliates Seminar)
  • Professor Richard N. Zare, Stanford University
    "Chemical Fizzics: A Touch of the Bubbly" (ACS Oesper Award Banquet Speaker)
  • Professor Robert Corn, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    "SPR Imaging Measurements of DNA and Protein Microarrays on Chemically Modified Gold Surfaces" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor Norman Dovichi, University of Washington
    "The Protein Landscape of a Single Cell" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor Catherine Fenselau, University of Maryland
    "Proteomics: New Methods and Applications" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Dr. J. Michael Ramsey, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    "Micro- and Nanofluidic Devices for Chemical and Biochemical Experimentation" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor R. Mark Wightman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    "Monitoring Dopamine in the Brain with Microelectrodes During Behavior" (Oesper Symposium Speaker)
  • Professor Royce W. Murray, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    "Monolayer Protected Metal Nanoparticles are Interesting Materials" (Oesper Award Lecture)
  • Dr. Rob Bowling, Lyondell Chemical Company
    "Industrial Careers in Chemistry - Current Trends in Hiring and What You Can Do Now"
  • Dr. Leslie V. Woodcock, US Air Force Research Laboratory
    "Molecular Simulations and a New Thermodynamic Approach to Nanotechnology"
  • Professor Dan Jones, Pennsylvania State University
    "Protein Modifications, Mass Spectrometry, and the Era of the Proteome"
  • Professor Partha Basu, Duquesne University
    "Bioinorganic Chemistry of Pterin Bound Mo & W Enzymes"
  • Professor Mark Spaller, Wayne State University
    "Looking Beyond Affinity: Ligand Binding Studies of PDZ Domain Proteins"
  • Professor John Anthony, University of Kentucky
    "Synthesis and Device Applications of Functionalized Acenes"
  • Dr. Harold Schueler, Chief Toxicologist, Medical Examiner's Office of Broward County Florida
    "Intriguing Forensic Toxicological Analyses and Interpretations"
  • Dr. Steve Ittel, duPont
    "Cobalt Catalyzed Chain Transfer in Free Radical Polymerizations"
  • Dr. Fran Ligler, Center for Bio/Molecular Science & Engineering, Naval Research Laboratory
    "Miniaturization of the Array Biosensor"
  • Professor Paul Lahti, University of Massachusetts
    "Testing the Limits of Conjugation in Organic Open-Shell Molecules - When is a Bond a Bond?"
  • Dr. Gunjan Agarwal, Wright Patterson AFB
    "Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy in Biology"
  • Professor Bruce McCord, Ohio University
    "The Application of Capillary Electrophoresis in Forensic DNA Typing"
  • Professor K. C. Russell, Northern Kentucky University
    "Heteroarenediynes and Annulenes: Fact and Fancy"
  • Professor Jamie Keller, Kenyon College
    "Optical Gratings: Spectroscopy on the Fringes"
  • Professor Dr. Gunther Wittstock, Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany (1st Hans & Marlies Zimmer International Scholar)
    "Patterned Organic Thin Films: Reactivity Imaging from Micrometer towards Nanometer Size Regimes with Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy"
  • Professor Dr. Gunther Wittstock, Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany
    "Quantitative Information from SECM Measurements"
  • Professor Chris Ziegler, University of Akron
    "The Design of Ordered Solids Using Borates: From Structure to Function"
  • Professor Jeff Johnston, Indiana University
    "The Development of New Reagents for Asymmetric Synthesis and Catalysis"
  • Professor Maria Kurnikova, Marquette University
    "Theoretical Modeling of Biological Ion Channels and Receptors"
  • Professor Steve Higgins, Wright State University
    "Scanning Probe Microscopy and Its Application to Studies of Mineral-Water Interfaces"
  • Dr. Matthew Lynch, Procter & Gamble
    "Novel Approaches to Making and Functionalizing Cubic Phase Liquid Crystals"
  • Professor John Scheffer, University of British Columbia
    "In the Footsteps of Pasteur: Asymmetric Induction in the Photochemistry of Crystalline Ammonium Carboxylate Salts"
  • Professor Jerry Lingrel, University of Cincinnati, Dept. of Molecular Genetics
    "From Genomics to Structure to Physiology. The Na+/K+ ATPase"