Visiting Seminar Series 2001-2002

  • Prof. Craig TaylorOakland University,
    "Excursions into Pt(II) and Pt(IV) Organonitrile Chemistry"
  • Prof. Carol CaperelliUC, College of Pharmacy,
    "Enzyme Substrate Specificities: Implications Requiring a Structural Confirmation"
  • Prof. Jeffrey ZaleskiIndiana University,
    "Designing Transition Metal Activated Diradicals as Unimolecular Biological Reagents"
  • Prof. Mary RodgersWayne State University,
    "Threshold Collision-induced Dissociation from Dynamics to DNA Bases"
  • Prof. Gary LoriganMiami University, Ohio,
    "Magnetic Resonance Studies of Membrane Protein Systems"
  • Dr. Bobby BarnettProcter & Gamble,
    "Structure-based Drug Design of Matrix Metallo-protease Inhibitors for Osteoarthritis"
  • Prof. Michael ChanOhio State University,
    "Protein Crystallography at OSU: Molecular Enzymology and Evidence"
  • Dr. Vinit RastogiProcter & Gamble,
    "How Proton Translocation Drives Rotation in the ATP Synthase"
  • Dr. Steve WendelkenEPA,
    "Current Issues in Drinking Water Method Development at the U.S. EPA"
  • Dr. Petr SennikovNizhny NovogorodRussian Academy of Sciences,
    "Molecular Complexes of SiF4 with H2O, CH3OH and O(CH3)2"
  • Dr. Kenneth TomerNIEHS/NIH,
    "Application of Mass Spectrometric Techniques to Structural Biology, especially of HIV-related Proteins"
  • Prof. Lisa HollandKent State University,
    "Tackling Biological Probelms with Capillary Separations"
  • Prof. Lisa KellyUniversity of Maryland,
    "Dual Luminescent Polymers as Temperature and Pressure Sensors"
  • Dr. Anny-Odile ColsonProcter & Gamble,
    "Molecular Modeling of G Protein-Coupled Receptors"
  • Prof. Debi EvansUniversity of New Mexico,
    "Electron Transfer Through Dendrimers"
  • Prof. Hong YouUC College of Medicine,
    "In-situ Atomic Force Microscopic Study of Saposin C-Membrane Interaction and its Effect on Membrane Structure"
  • Prof. Anne-Frances MillerUniversity of Kentucky,
    "How Proteins Control the Thermodynamics of Electron Transfer Proteins: 1-protons"
  • Prof. Kenneth MurphyUniversity of Iowa,
    "Protein-Protein Interactions"
  • Prof. Bradley SmithUniversity of Notre Dame,
    "Towards Molecular Machines: Using Salt Binding Receptors to Make Rotaxanes"
  • Prof. Gary HieftjeIndiana University,
    "Evolution and Revolution in Instrumentation for Plasma-Source Mass Spectrometry"
  • Dr. Fred FrickeFDA,
    "Detection of Counterfeit Drugs and Product Tampering"
  • Dr. Jana PikaFirmenich & Dr. Beth PiocosProcter & Gamble,
    "Balancing Family and Professional Life"
  • Prof. David YangGeorgetown University,
    "RNA-Protein and Protein-Protein Interactions: Aminacyl-tRNA Synthetases as the Models" 
  • Prof. Karl SeffUniversity of Hawaii,
    "Two New Polyatomic Cations of Sulfur"
  • Prof. Howard MayneUniversity of New Hampshire,
    "Thermodynamic Properties of Mixed Lennard-Jones Atomic Cluster"
  • Prof. Ken Shimizu, University of South Carolina,
    "Controlling Shape and Conformation at the Molecular Level"
  • Prof. Thomas KimYoungstown State University,
    "Model Systems for Proteomics"
  • Dr. William BuddeU.S. EPA,
    "The Determination of Blue-green Cyanobacteria Toxins"
  • Prof. Jakob WirzUniversity of Basel, Switzerland,
    "Unprecedented Photochemistry of Aromatic Ketones in Aqueous Solution"
  • Prof. Craig WilcoxUniversity of Pittsburgh,
    "Studies of Selenium Speciation in Accumulating Plants by Liquid Chromatography with ICP-MS and ES-MS Detection"
  • Prof. Edward SolomonStanford University,
    "Geometric and Electronic Structure/Function Correlations in Non-heme Iron Enzymes"
  • Prof. John EndicottWayne State University,
    "The Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Electron Transfer"
  • Professor Susan OlesikOhio State University,
    "Critical Chromatography - Finding Order Among Incredible Disorder"
  • Prof. Phil CastellanoBowling Green State University,
    "Properties and Applications of Luminescent Metal-Organic Chromophores"
  • Dr. Osamu NiwaNTT Lifestyle & Environmental Technology Laboratories,
    "Microfluidic Device for Measuring Environmental Monitoring"
  • Prof. Mike OgawaBowling Green State University,
    "Electron-transfer in Synthetic Metalloproteins"
  • Professor David ModarelliThe University of Akron,
    "The Synthesis and Time-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy of Novel Porphyrin-Containing Dendrimers"
  • Dr. James MackBoston College,
    "Synthesis of Bowls, Balls and Tubes"
  • Professor Janet Del BeneYoungstown State University,
    "A Chemical Odyssey"