2013 Hans and Marlies Zimmer International Scholar

Prof. Dr. Felix Tuczek, Christian Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany

The 2013 Zimmer Scholar is Prof. Dr. Felix Tuczek. Felix was born in Marburg, Germany and currently holds the Chair for Molecular Inorganic Chemistry at Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany. He received his Ph.D. at Johannes Gutenburg University of Mainz from Philip Gütlich, followed by a Postdoctoral position in Ed Solomon's group at Stanford University. After Habilitation at the Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, he moved to his current position in Kiel. His research interests include areas of bioinorganic chemistry (N2 fixation and O2 activation), deposition of functional transition metal complexes to surfaces, and spin switching in transition metal complexes. His approach includes synthesis, spectroscopy and computational methods. Felix maintains a very international publication record, with recent publications in Science, Angew. Chem., Dalton Trans., and Inorg. Chem.