Seminars 2020-2021

Fall Semester 2020 Seminar Schedule
Date   Speaker(s) and Topic
Sept 14
Daniel Tomsic
Professor, Univ. Buenos Aires
Neuroethology of visually-guided prey capture and escape behaviors in a crab´s mudflat world, Host Lab: Layne
Sept 21 Laura Klein
Head Curator & Director of Herbal Research, LeafWorks
Plants you can eat, drink, and smoke: genomic and morphological variation in economically important plants, Host Lab: Tepe
Sept 28 Lindsey E. Romick-Rosendale
Director of Core/Assistant Professor, CCHMC
Metabolomics: Can we manipulate your metabolism to improve your overall health and nutrition?, Host Lab: Benoit
Oct 5 Michael Caldwell
Professor, Univ. of Alberta
The Origin of Snakes, Host Lab: Konishi
Oct 12 Annemarie van der Marel & Grace Smith Vidaurre
Postdocs, UC; New Mexico State University/UC/Rockefeller U.
Host Lab: Hobson
Oct 19
Brandon Kilbourne
Jr. Working Group Leader, Museum für Naturkunde
something about "Macroevolutionary biomechanics", Host Lab: Lawson
Oct 26 Cayelan Carey
Associate professor, Virginia tech
Host Lab: Booth
Nov 9 John Long
Professor, Vassar
biorobotics/biomechanics/evolution, Host Lab: Vanderelst
Nov 16 Emilie Snell-Rood
Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Host Lab: Morehouse
Nov 23 Joanna Wardwell-Ozgo
Emory University
Host Lab: Grogan
Spring Semester 2021 Seminar Schedule
Date   Speaker(s) and Topic
Jan 11
Kate Laskowski
Assistant Professor, UC Davis
You're unique just like everyone else: what clonal fish can tell us about behavioral individuality, Host Lab: Hobson/Morehouse/Grogan
Jan 25 Ariel Silber
Professor, University of São Paulo
Trypanosoma cruzi: three ways of using amino acids to ‘charge batteries’, Host Lab: Lander
Feb 1 Alicia Kowatolski
Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of São Paulo, Brazil
TBD (works on energy metabolism, diets and mitochondrial physiology in mammals), Host Lab: Lander
Feb 15 Joseph Johnson
Assistant Professor, Ohio University
Hanging in the balance: Understanding the present and future of North America’s vanishing bat species”, Host Lab: Culley
Feb 22 Chris Jeffrey
Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Reno
TBD, Host Lab: Tepe
Mar 1 Rachel Vannette
Assistant Professor, UC Davis
TBD, Host Lab: Rollmann
Mar 8 Kristen Panfilio
University of Warwick
TBD (some of eco-evo or embro development), Host Lab: Benoit
Mar 15 Henry Astley
Assistant Professor, University of Akron
Using Mechanical Models To Explore The Evolution Of Functional Morphology, Host Lab: Jayne/Rollmann
Mar 22 Katrina Twing
Assistant Professor, Weber State University
TBD, Host Lab: Rowe
Mar 29 Dorith Rotenberg
Associate Professor, North Carolina State University
TBS (thrips biology), Host Lab: Benoit
Apr 5 Sarah Zohdy
Associate Professor, Auburn University
Lemurs, Humans, and disease, Host Lab: Grogan
Apr 12 Natasha Bloch
Assistant Professor, University of Los Andes
Color and color vision: evolution, genetics and neurogenomics of color, color preference and mating behavior, Host Lab: L. Lawson