Fellowship & Stipend Opportunities for Graduate Studies in Biological Sciences at the UC

Most of our M.S. and Ph.D students are supported financially by research or teaching assistantships and tuition remission fellowships. Please apply by January 1 in order to be considered for full funding.

In addition, the following special fellowships/awards are available: 

1) Yates Scholars Program

The goal of this program is to enrich the educational environment for all graduate students by supporting the recruitment and retention of underrepresented ethnic minorities who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents with high potential for academic success. The Graduate School provides an award of $25,000 to each selected scholar for their total time in the program. Potentially eligible applicants should consult with their prospective advisors to assure nomination.

2) Research and Travel Grants

Several departmental and university-wide research and travel grants are available on a competitive basis to all our graduate students.