Checklist for a Complete Application

  • Review the list of tenure-track faculty members and their areas of research. Contact the faculty member/s whose research interests are in line with yours to discuss the possibility of studying under their direction. Since we are a research institution, only students who have a faculty mentor willing to accept them will be admitted to our graduate program. The input of the potential advisor will weigh heavily in the admissions process.
  •  In order to submit the online graduate application, you must list the First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Organization, and Position for those who are writing your Letters of Recommendation (two letters are required).
  • Complete the online university application, accessible at, which includes a statement of your Previous Research Experience (if applicable), a statement of your Personal Goals, and the name/s of Potential Faculty Mentor/s. Only copies of your transcript are required to apply, but official transcripts will be needed before matriculation.
  • If English is not your native language, have the official results of your TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE test sent to the University of Cincinnati (Institution Code 1833). 
  • NOTE: The GRE test is no longer required for consideration of admission