Grant Proposals

Applying for Grants

The ENTIRE proposal package should be completed at least 5 business days* before the application deadline. This allows for COEUS (internal) routing as well as A&S Grants Staff review.

1. Email Sandy as soon as you decide to submit a proposal. Be sure to either attach the announcement or include its link. Also, let Sandy know the proposal deadline date.

2. Information to start thinking about:

  • The start date you wish to use and the number of years you will need to complete the proposed project. 
  • The type of personnel effort that will be needed for the project:  PI effort, Post-doc, technician, graduate student (remember, if a graduate student is performing effort for any part of the academic year, tuition must be requested for the corresponding period), undergraduate assistants.
  • Whether or not any new equipment will be needed for this project and/or what type of supplies
  • If travel will be needed for this project and for what purpose.
  • Publication costs, outreach expenses, and subcontracts. (For subcontracts, a letter of commitment or a commitment form will be needed, as well as a budget, budget justification, and scope of work to be performed by the subawardee.)

3. Timeline:

i. Set up a time to meet with Sandy to create the preliminary budget for your proposal.

ii. Once that is created, Sandy will email it to you for changes or approval.

iii. Once finalized, Sandy will send you a template for a budget justification so you can complete the science justification for the various categories (Sandy will take care of the generic information required).

4. Give Sandy the final title and inform her of any special review protocols you may be using for the project such as Animal Care, Human Subjects, or Biohazards. If protocols will be used, please provide Sandy with the type of protocol, the protocol number, and the most recent approval date of that protocol.

5. Using the information you have provided Sandy, she will complete the non-scientific portions of the proposal. As you complete the various science sections, Sandy will assist in getting them uploaded, in the appropriate format, into the appropriate sections of the proposal package.

6. Once the entire package is complete, Sandy will send to the A&S grants office for final review and submission. Again, this must be sent no later than 5 business days* in advance.

*If cost-sharing will be included, this application deadline changes to 10 business days in advance.