Priority is given on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, it is crucial that the office be given the amount of time requested in the table below. If items are brought in after this timeline, it is not guaranteed that they will be completed in time.

Number of Pages along with Time it takes

50 Pages or Less

2 business hours

51 to 300 Pages

6 business hours

301 to 800 Pages

24 business hours

801 or More

48 business hours

2 or More Versions to be Collated (Interleaved)

Add an Extra 2 Hours

Use the following formula in order to determine the amount of pages being copied.

Versions X Pages in Original Document X Copies of Each Version = Total Pages Being Copied

For example, if you have two versions of one test, ten pages in each version, and you need 120 copies of each version, you would calculate it this way:  2 X 10 X 120 = 2400.  This person would need to bring the originals to the office 50 hours in advance of when the copies are needed (assuming the request includes collating the two versions).

If you are submitting your copying request via email attachment, it must be a PDF in either greyscale or black and white.  Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that the images will copy as intended.

When submitting exams for copying, please copy all office staff (Mary, Charmaine, Sandy, and Heather) on the email.  This should prevent any issues with staff being out of the office.