Non-Travel Reimbursements

Non-Travel Reimbursement Process

To be reimbursed for items purchased with personal funds for which you wish to be reimbursed, the following items are needed:

1) Original, itemized receipt. The receipt should give the name of the vendor, describe each item (rather than just giving an inventory or sku number) and show the price of each. In addition, the receipt should show how the bill was paid (credit card, cash, check, etc.).

2) Reimbursement form. This form is available in hard copy in the office or fillable PDF online.

Lab supply reimbursement items should be given to Charmaine while seminar-related expenses should be turned in to Heather. That person will then complete an A114 form which will then be given to the department head for signature then sent on to Accounts Payable for payment. If you receive direct deposit of your paycheck, you will receive an email from the “UC Accounts Payable Office”, letting you know that the funds will be arriving in your account. If you do not have direct deposit, Accounts Payable will mail a check directly to your home address.