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Laurence E. Hallas

(M.S. 1977 with J. Robie Vestal) PhD, University of Maryland 1981 (Microbiology/Chemistry). PostDoc with M. Alexander on an NIEHS Fellowship at Cornell University (1981-82). Employed at Monsanto Company, 1982-1993 - rising to Monsanto Fellow. Worked with Roundup herbicide environmental degradation in waste water treatment plants among other things. Founded Wastewater Solutions, 1993-2004 working with Domestic andIndustrial wastewater treatment facilities (education and NPDES permit negotiations). Retired 2004 and founded AlmostEurope (, importing woodcarvings and pewter handcrafts from the Alps of Europe. Married with 2 children to Margaret Hallas. Email: substitute laurencehallas for name.

Joseph M. Reidy

Joseph M. Reidy

(B.S. 1977). M.A. in Zoology, DePauw University 1979. In 1979, I was hired as an aquatic biologist by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, where I worked in the Clean Water Act Section 316(a) and 316(b) program, which regulated the aquatic impact of steam electric power plants and other large water users. In 1982, I started law school at Capital University, but continued to work for Ohio EPA until graduation in 1985. In 1985, I entered the private practice of law and am currently the co-chair of the Environmental Practice Group and chair of the interdisciplinary Brownfield Practice Group at my firm. Since 1977 I have been married to a fellow U.C. alum, Judith K. Reidy (nee Kemmerling) (B.S. Pharmacy 1977). Contact info: Schottenstein Zox & Dunn , 250 West Street, Columbus, OH 43215. Phone: (614) 462-2207. Email: substitute jreidy for name. [5/21/07]

Frederick P. Hoenke

Frederick P. Hoenke

(B.S. 1978) MD University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 1982, FAAFP, CAQG Current position: Medical Director, Marquette General Health Systems. Email: substitute fhoenke for name [6/6/07]

Dave Brunson

(B.S. 1980), DMD, Fairleigh Dickinson Jr. College of Dental Medicine. I entered the United Air Force Dental Corps serving a total of 7 years. I am currently enrolled in a post graduate program in endodontics at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey. I plan private practice in endodontics upon completion of the program. [before 2005]

Margaret E. Hallas

(MS, 1981 with J. Robie Vestal). Larry and I married in 1978 after meeting at UC. 2 children, Lorien Elizabeth Hallas (1979) and Matthew Laurence Hallas (1982). Lorien has her MS in Psychology and works in Chicago, IL. Matt recently returned from a tour in Iraq as part of the Vermont National Guard. He is working on his MS (English as a 2nd Language). Email: substitute phallas for name [5/21/07]

Christina M. Borer

(B.S. 1985). Masters in Secondary Education Xavier University, 1996. I teach 7th grade science at Sycamore Junior High School and have been in the position for 10 years. I am certified in both general science and biology. Email: substitute borerc for name [5/22/07]

Raquel M. Alvarez

(Ph.D. 1987 with S. Keller). Presently, I am alive and well in Philadelphia where I am an attorney. Having decided I did not have enough letters following my name, I decided to get a law degree. So I went from a post-doc in molecular parasitology at Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis to the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Some say I went from studying parasites to being one others know I found my true calling where I get paid for being a pain. In any event, I graduated from Penn Law in 1993 and love practicing law. If you would like to know more about what I do, please visit my firm's web page at Wapner, Newman & Wigrizer Web Page. Also, please visit my personal web page at RM Alvarez's Home Page. Finally, you can also visit the Martindale-Hubbell lawyer listing and get more info at Lawyer Search . I'd love to hear from the old gang (and we are all getting up there), so please send e-mail to [before 2005]

Gregory W. Ganser

(B.S. 1989), DDS 1992 The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. Entered active duty with the U.S. Navy Dental Corps 1992-1997. Served as dental officer on nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) and in support of U.S. Navy Blue Angels at Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL. Currently Commander in Naval Reserve Dental Corps. Full-time private practice in general dentistry in Canton, OH. [5/21/07]

Marty Mann

(B.S. 1991). M.S. in Fisheries Biology and Management, University of Florida in Gainesville. I began work for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in 1995 in Lakeland, Florida and continue to be employed by this agency to date, although I am now located in Kissimmee, Florida. I have served as a fisheries biologist assessing and managing sport fish populations to create desirable fisheries. For the past eight years I have served as a restoration biologist in aquatic systems. Examples of projects that I have been involved in are restoring littoral zone habitat of lakes by setting back accelerated succession, restoring isolated filled/ditched wetlands and restoring hydrological watersheds without negatively impacting private landowners. I married Anna Marie Mann (1995) and have one daughter named Abby Elizabeth Mann who is seven years old. My wife is a registered nurse and works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Osceola Regional Medical Center. My daughter is home schooled and she participates in dance in her free time. I fish in my spare time for fresh water and marine species. I like to boat and kayak as part of my fishing experience. And finally and most importantly my family is very active in our church. Email: substitute martymann for name.[5/23/07]

Jeff Brown

(B.S. 1994) I am currently pursuing my PhD in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Loyola University of Chicago in the lab of Dr. Hans-Martin Jack. Our lab studies the immune system, particularly B lymphocytes.I am specifically investigating the role of the enzyme telomerase in B lymphocyte function. Jeff Brown Loyola University Chicago Department of Microbiology & Immunology Maguire Center, 3rd floor Maywood, IL 60153 [before 2005]

Todd J. Ward

(B.S. 1995) Ph.D. in Genetics, Texas A&M University 2000. Postdoc at USDA on the molecular evolution of a toxin gene cluster in plant-pathogenic fungi (Fusarium). In late 2000, I obtained a permanent position with USDA-ARS (Microbial Genomics Research Unit) in Peoria. My focus is molecular evolution and population genetics of microbial pathogens. Specifically, I am focused on plant-pathogenic fungi and the food-borne bacterial pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. Click here for additional details. I am married and have four children. Contact info: Microbial Genomics Research Unit, USDA-ARS, 1815 N. University St., Peoria, IL 61604. Email: name@ARS.USDA.GOV substitute Todd.Ward for name. [5/22/07]

Matthew H. Persons

(Ph.D 1997 with G. Uetz). Current position: Associate Professor of Biology, Susquehanna University web site Contact info: 219B Fisher Science Hall, Biology Department, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA 17870, Phone: (570)372-4526. Email: persons at

Philip Keith

(B.S. 2003) MD. I am living in Milwaukee, WI and am in my 3rd year of RadiologyResidency (pgy4) at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I have one year remaining and then will do a fellowship in Thoracoabdominal imaging at the University of Virginia. contact info: 8826 W Center Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222, 414-476-1551. Email: substitute pkeithmd for name [5/22/07]

Lauren Beish

(B.S. 2004) MBA University of Cincinnati 2006. Current position: Sales at Ethicon Endo-Surgery, a division of Johnson & Johnson (Dec '06). Email: substitute l_beish for name [5/22/07]

Ashley Jane Allemang

( B.S. 2005, M.S. 2008) Recently joined the Procter & Gamble company in Public Safety & Regulatory Affairs here in Cincinnati and is excited to be getting married this June. [2/9/11]