Teaching Practicum & Internship Program

Teaching Practicum (Seniors)

Upon invitation of the faculty, senior majors may earn three academic credits by serving as teaching assistants. Students work closely with faculty members who teach lower division core courses. This is a training opportunity for senior majors interested in pedagogical issues in Africana studies and also perhaps interested in gaining valuable teaching and/or tutoring experience. Students may serve as teaching assistants in entry level African Diaspora cultures, African and African American history, literature and sociology courses.

Prerequisites: A grade of B or above in the senior capstone and invitation of a faculty member.

Internship Program (Seniors)

Senior majors can choose to enhance their coursework with work experience. An internship is an unpaid work experience that allows majors to use their curriculum-based knowledge in Africana Studies to prepare for employment and/or graduate school after graduation. Designed to provide a learning experience that takes place in a setting outside the university, the unpaid internship gives majors up to six hours of academic credit for practical experience.

In locating an internship in Africana Studies, majors should search for settings that facilitate use of their curriculum-based knowledge in Africana Studies. A variety of locations offer opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge learned within Africana Studies. For example, some students might investigate internship opportunities in community organizations such as the NAACP, the Urban League, Cincinnati Neighborhood Community Councils, Advocacy Groups, the United Way, and similar fraternal and religious organizations. Other majors may pursue internships in public sector settings such as the Cincinnati Public Schools, and various agencies of city government. Still other majors might investigate internships in private sector settings such as local corporations and Black-owned and operated businesses.

Prerequisites: A grade of B or above in the capstone seminar and approval of internship application.