4+1 Master's Degree

Students interested in earning a master's degree in German Studies can extend their baccalaureate studies for 1 year and earn a master's degree.

Students complete all of the requirements for the German major (57 credits), which includes the Survey of German Literature sequence typically required of first-year MA students. During their fourth (senior) year, students will be permitted to enroll in three graduate courses for a total of 12 credits. They can then complete the credit and course requirements for the MA in just one additional year with a standard graduate course load (12 credits per semester). Total credits for BA/MA with a concentration in German Studies: 102.

What are the requirements for an MA in German Studies? To receive an MA in German Studies, students must complete 45 graduate credits and successfully pass the MA Exam. Most students will take two years to complete the degree, but it is possible to graduate from the program in just one year.

Course Requirements:

  • Survey of German Literature sequence (6001,6002)
  • 1 Research Seminar
  • 25 additional credit hours in approved courses at the graduate level

Students have two options for completing the MA Exam:

  1. Exam option: a four-hour comprehensive exam based on the department's MA reading list. The exam takes place in the spring semester and is scheduled by the graduate director.
  2. Thesis option: a 50-page thesis on a topic of the candidate's choice, to be approved by the thesis director. The exam includes a thesis defense and an oral exam on a reduced version of the MA-reading list.

Sample 5-year Schedule

Year 1
15-GRMN-101-2-3 (15 credits-do not count toward major): Basic German

15-GRMN-204 (15 credits): Munich: Intensive Langauge

Year 2
15-GRMN-301-3-3 (9 credits) Introduction to German Studies
15-GRMN-171-2-3 (9 credits): Survey of German Culture (or other electives)

Year 3
15-GRMN-401-2-3 (9 credits): Seminar in German Studies Elective (3 cr)

Year 4
15-GRMN-491, 2, or 3 (3-6 credits): Senior Capstone
15-GRMN-501-2-3 (12 credits): Survey of German Literature
3 graduate level electives (12 cr)

Year 5
Research Seminar (8 cr)
Approved graduate elective courses (at least 25 credits)
MA Exam or Thesis