First Year Experience Program

Your First Year Experience at A&S

The College of Arts and Sciences offers an innovative yearlong program for freshmen to help you successfully transition to the university experience. Because each student's need is different, the First Year Experience Program has a variety of components. With the help of your advisor, you will design a personalized program to meet your needs by choosing one or all of its elements. Our goal is to help you become part of UC and A&S, and keep you excited about learning.

The "Common Reading"

The goal of having a "common reading" is to provide a context for various academic discussions and activities throughout the year. 

A&S Freshman Seminars

These highly interactive, small-enrollment courses are designed to bring you immediately into the intellectual life of the college. These courses allow freshmen the opportunity for in-depth study of a current and relevant topic, such as bio-terrorism or women's legal issues. Your professor will help you understand the process of knowledge discovery and how to become a successful university-level scholar. These three-credit-hour courses are offered throughout the year and count toward your graduation requirements. The seminar listing is available online.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities help students at this large, world-class research university feel at home and provide academic support for selected programs! A&S Learning communities are available only for certain limited number of students in specific groups.

Center for Exploratory Studies

The most popular undergraduate major for first-year college students is Exploratory Studies! Even for those who enter college with a declared major, multiple major changes are common. In many ways this is as it should be. College is a time for self-discovery and exploration. Students should have the opportunity to explore their strengths, interests and talents while choosing a major. Despite these advantages, the undecided student is often uncomfortable with their lack of direction. They are concerned that they are not progressing toward graduation and are often facing familial pressure to make a decision. For these reasons undecided students are more likely than those with declared majors to drop out of college. To help students with this healthy but sometimes difficult transition period, the College of Arts and Sciences opened the Center for Exploratory Studies in spring 2003. The Center helps all of UC's exploratory students in making an informed choice of major. The Center offers exciting interactive programming for students, professional advising, contacts with faculty members and students in various departments and programs, to help students navigate their way to the major that is just right for them. Visit the CES Web site for more information.

Great Personalized Advising

The student affairs staff in French Hall West, 2nd floor is here to help you. Need assistance with your course planning, deciding upon a major, getting involved on campus? Our knowledgeable and friendly advisors are happy to provide information and suggestions. All students in A&S are assigned an advisor to work with throughout their college careers. Meet the staff  

College Success Skills

This first-year course focuses on vital skills such as time management, approaches to studying, the use of technology for effective learning and research skills. Just one more way to make sure you get off to a great start in Arts and Sciences!

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