Departments & Directors

Listed below are the directors of the specified departments:

Africana Studies
3624 French Hall
Phone: 513-556-0350
Fax: 513-556-4446
Joseph Takougang, Department Head
Guy Whembolua, Undergraduate Director
John Kalubi, Director African Studies Certificate

452 Braunstein Hall
Phone: 513-556-2772
Fax: 513-556-2778
Susan Allen, Department Head
Jeff Millar, Undergraduate Director
Jeff Jacobson, Graduate Director

Biological Sciences
851F Rieveschl Hall
Phone: 513-556-9700
Fax: 513-556-5299
Theresa Culley, Department Head
LaSharon Mosely, Undergraduate Director
Ron Debry, Graduate Director

812 Rieveschl Hall
Phone: 513-556-9200
Fax: 513-556-9239
Anna Gudmundsdottir (interim), Department Head
Anne Vonderheide, Undergraduate Director
Mike Baldwin and Peng Zhang, Graduate Directors

305 Blegen Library
Phone: 513-556-3050
Fax: 513-556-4366
Jack Davis, Department Head
Susan Prince, Undergraduate Director
Kathleen Lynch (Archaeology) Daniel Markovic (Philology/History), Graduate Directors

School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies
137 McMicken Hall
Phone: 513-556-4440
Fax: 513-556-0899
Suzanne Boys (interim), Program Head
Steve Fuller, Undergraduate Director (Communications)
Omotayo Banjo, Graduate Director (Communications)
Todd Herzog, Undergraduate Director (Digital Media)
Michael Gott, Undergraduate Director (Film and Media Studies)
Valerie Weinstein, Graduate Director (Film and Media Studies)
Amber Gee, Undergraduate Director (Public Relations)

248 McMicken Hall
Phone: 513-556-5924
Fax: 513-556-5960
Leah Stewart, Department Head
Lisa Beckelhimer, Undergraduate Director
Jennifer Glaser, Graduate Director

401 Braunstein Hall
Phone: 513-556-3421
Fax: 513-556-3370
Nicholas Dunning (interim), Department Head
Robert South, Undergraduate Directors
Kevin Raleigh, Graduate Director

500 Geol/Phys
Phone: 513-556-3732
Fax: 513-556-6931
Craig Dietsch, Department Head
Dylan Ward, Undergraduate Director
Krista Smilek, Undergraduate Advisor
Brooke Crowley, Graduate Director

German Studies
733 Old Chemistry
Phone: 513-556-2752
Todd Herzog, Department Head
Evan Torner, Undergraduate Director
Tanja Nusser, Graduate Director

360 McMicken Hall
Phone: 513-556-2527
Fax: 513-556-7901
Maura O'Connor, Department Head
Susan Longfield Karr, Undergraduate Director
Willard Sunderland, Graduate Director

22B McMicken Hall
Phone: 513-556-5924
Fax: 513-556-5960
Brian Calfano (interim), Department Head
Sean Hughes, Undergraduate Director

Judaic Studies
3408 French Hall West
Phone: 513-556-2297
Fax: 513-556-9116
Matthew Kraus, Department Head
Ari Finkelstein, Undergraduate, Graduate Director

Mathematical Sciences
4114 French Hall-West
Phone: 513-556-4050
Fax: 513-556-3417
Michael Goldberg, Department Head
Crystal Clough, Undergraduate Director
Robert Buckingham, Graduate Director
Stephan Pelikan, Director of MAT program
Ricardo Moena, Director of Entry-Level Mathematics

206 McMicken Hall
Phone: 513-556-6324
Fax: 513-556-2939
Thomas Polger, Department Head
Vanessa Carbonell, Undergraduate Director
Peter Langland-Hassan, Graduate Director

424 Geology/Physics
Phone: 513-556-0501
Fax: 513-556-3425
Leigh Smith, Department Head
Richard Gass, Undergraduate Director
Rostislav Serota, Graduate Director

4130S Edwards 1
Phone: 513-556-5580
Fax: 513-556-4168
Paula Shear, Department Head
Erinn Green (PSYC), Nancy Rogers (ORGL), Undergraduate Directors
Jenny Brown (clinical), Paula Silva (experimental), Stacie Furst-Holloway (MAP), Graduate Directors

School of Public and International Affairs
1119 Crosley Tower
Phone: 513-556-3300
Richard Harknett, School Director
Andrew Lewis, Undergraduate Director
Laura Jenkins, Graduate Director

Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures
714 Old Chemistry
Phone: 513-556-1950
Thérèse Migraine-George, Department Head
Irene Ivantcheva-Merjanska, Undergraduate Director
Nicasio Urbina, Graduate Director

1018 Crosley Tower
Phone: 513-556-4700
Fax: 513-556-0057
Steven Carlton-Ford (interim), Department Head
David Maume, Undergraduate Director
Jeff Timberlake, Graduate Director

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
3310 French
Phone: 513-556-6776
Fax: 513-556-6771
Ashley Currier, Department Head
Carolyn Peterson, Undergraduate Director
Michelle McGowan, Graduate Director

Asian Studies
728F Old Chemistry
Phone: 513-556-0265
Mikiko Hirayama
Associate Professor and Director of Asian Studies

Catholic Studies

Environmental Studies 
401 Braunstein Hall
Phone: 513-556-9707
Fax: 513-556-5299
Susanna T.Y. Tong, Interim Program Director
Terri Jacobs, Undergraduate Director 
Paula Breslin Academic Advisor

European Studies
738 Old Chemistry
Phone: 513-556-2716
Willard Sunderland, Director of European Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies
French Hall West, 3506
Phone: (513) 556-6669
Fax: 513-556-3477
John Brolley, Director

International Affairs
1109 Crosley Tower
Phone: 513-556-3300
Fax: 513-556-2314
Andrew Lewis, Undergraduate Director

International Human Rights
1109 Crosley Tower
Phone: 513-556-3300
Fax: 513-556-2314
Laura Jenkins, Director

Middle Eastern Studies
401C Braunstein
Phone: 513-556-3423
Robert Haug, Director

605 Rieveschl
Phone: 513-556-9749
Ilya Vilinsky, Director, Undergraduate Studies 

The Center for Exploratory Studies
French Hall West, 2nd Floor
Phone: 513-556-6540
Fax: 513-556-6323
Allison Logan, Director

A&S Undergraduate Affairs and Advising
French Hall West, 2nd floor
Phone: 513-556-5860
Fax: 513-556-3477
Allison Logan, Director