A&S Confirmed Students - Parents FAQ

New Bearcat parents: Find answers to your questions about Fall Semester at A&S

During a series of Town Hall style meetings with the parents of incoming students, parents have an opportunity to ask questions and join in the discussion with other parents about the upcoming Fall Semester. Please browse our FAQs below, captured during these sessions, for answers to your questions. The FAQs will be updated within a few days of the sessions to add new questions and answers. 

How do we find my student’s academic advisor?
It’s important to remember that the advising relationship takes place between the advisor and student. As a parent you can support your student in the advising relationship by helping them prepare for their meetings and instilling trust in the advisor. In A&S we view advising as a partnership. The advisors’ role is to educate students on their options and guide them through the decision-making process. 

My student hasn’t heard from their advisor yet, what do they do?
Throughout the spring and summer advisors have sent multiple communications to their students’ UC student email account. Please encourage your student to check their UC Email daily. If your student does not have an email from an academic advisor, have them check Catalyst.uc.edu under the My Academics tab- their advisor’s information should be listed there. If there is no advisor listed, please email artsciadvisor@uc.edu for students who have declared a major and explore@uc.edu for Exploratory Studies and Interdisciplinary Nursing Preparation students.

Are any A&S classes going to be in person?
Yes, we are currently working on creating options that include online, in person, and hybrid courses. 

Where can I get information on housing?
Check out this webpage for updated information on Fall housing, and a list of FAQ’s for first-time housing applicants.

Who should we go to with questions about financial aid?
A great place to start with financial aid questions is the One-Stop Student Service Center office.  They have a page full of information for parents, and they answer the question “How do I apply for Financial Aid?” in this video.  

Where can students find information about the textbooks they will need?
Students can find required and recommended textbook information through their class schedules in Catalyst.  Follow the steps in this document for full details.  Students can also find and purchase their course materials through this UC Bookstore webpage.

How many online classes will my student have?
The number of online courses a student will take depends on several factors: including their major, personal and educational goals, along with personal health situation among others.

My student changed their major but has not heard from a new advisor.   What should they do?
Major changes are processed weekly. A new advisor will reach out via your student’s UC email within 24-48 hours of the official change.  Encourage your student to make sure they continue checking their UC e-mail account daily.  

Test Scores AP before advisors?
Information on CLEP, AP and advanced credit at UC can be found at the following:

Advisors consistently work with students prior to getting test scores for AP or any additional types of advanced standing options.  If your student did not initially request scores or credit be sent to UC, please make sure your student contacts the awarding body...College Board, IB, or the college/university...for the credit, as credit is not awarded based on high school transcripts.  Once the credit is submitted to UC, your student will be able to see the award that has been posted by UC Credit Evaluation office within Catalyst profiles.  When the credit has posted here, and if your student notices an issue with their planned schedule encourage them to reach out to the advisor at this point.  Advisors work with students each year to ensure students can update schedules prior to the first day, or even within the first week, of classes.  We look forward to working with your students as they bring in prior credit; we want to make sure they get the credit they worked so hard for prior to their arrival at UC!

Can classes count towards 2 programs if my student is unsure of their major?
One of the best things about classes is that yes, they can be applied to more than one program at a time for a student.  When advisors talk with students about optimizing their educational plan for graduation, this is always part of the conversation.  The credit can only be counted once, but the course is able to count in multiple areas for the completion of more than one requirement.  While it is not every course that can do this, but if a student shows and interest in the subject matter of a course that does, the advisor is usually the first one to get excited about highlighting this opportunity for the student to maximize the effectiveness of one course.  This allows your student to then explore options for additional courses and can help make room for that additional major, minor or certificate your student might be interested in completing.