Academic Assistance

Have Trouble in Your Classes, or Just Want to Do Better?

Learning Assistance Center—Here is a list of academic resources to assist you with your coursework. The first thing to do is to allow yourself to ask for help. Many people view asking for help as a sign of weeakness, but in reality you are empowering yourself when you recognize your limitations and take steps to work through them.

Seek assistance early. Ten weeks goes by very quickly! And, don't just use these resources right before a test. Use resources weekly for maximum benefit.

Yes, one goal is to improve your GPA—but you cannot be a passive robot. An equally if not more important goal is to actually LEARN this stuff by making the effort to be an engaged student. The only person responsible for learning the material is you.

Course-Specific Resources

  • Professors and TAs—Attend office hours and ask for assitance. If office hours conflict with your other classes, email the professor asking s/he is able to set up an appointment.
  • Chemistry Help Room—For freshman chemistry AND organic chemistry. There should be a schedule outside of Rieveschl 508A with a schedule of when TAs will be available to help you with chemistry lecture or lab. You can work with any TA.
  • Physics Learning Center—The Physics Learning Center is located in Room 304 of the GEOL/PHYS building (room 303 is a computer lab that is available for student use). Based on the current schedule, there is regular coverage by TAs between 8/9 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays.
  • Math Learning Center—Drop-in assistance for math courses.
  • Writing Center—Improve your writing skills.
  • Supplemental Instruction—SI is offered for many science and math classes as well as a few others. If the SI associated with your class conflicts with your schedule, you are allowed to attend a different SI.
  • Tutoring—The Learning Assistance Center offers both individual tutoring and online tutoring. There is no additional charge for either service (in fact, part of your student fees have already paid for this, so why not try it?)
  • Bar Charts—Laminated study guides for all the math and science classes you need at an affordable price at the UC Bookstore

General Resources to Help You Across the Board

  • Academic Coaching—Individual meetings with a coach to help you determine and work through areas that have challenged your academic success, such as time management, effective study habits/skills, test anxiety, etc.
  • UC Counseling Center—The counseling center helps students address personal barriers so that they make the most of their educational opportunities. 100% confidential. First appointment is free and cost for subsequent appointments is based on a sliding scale. Check out the online self-help content.
  • College Success Skills Class—College Success Skills is a 3-credit class taught in the College of Arts & Sciences and can be found under "Multidisciplinary." The College of Education's reading department offers several classes to help you effectively work your way through a college textbook.