Why study Organizational Leadership?

Organizational leadership is an interdisciplinary program that combines a liberal arts education and selective business subjects with classes, guest lectures and seminars in leadership. The core curriculum of the ORGL program focuses on understanding theoretical and practical approaches to leadership. "Leadership" by definition, is not limited to for-profit enterprises, but extends to all forms of organizational life (e.g., non-profit, government, education) as well as our interpersonal and group relationships. Accordingly, this program provides a coherent pathway for students wishing to become leaders across all sectors by targeting skill areas essential for leadership, organizational success and a lifetime of personal and professional achievement.

Admission Requirements

Students already pursuing a degree in any college at UC can add the minor to their program. Be sure to submit a declaration of the minor using our online form.

In addition, you must meet with the program director so that the department is aware that you are pursuing the minor and can advise you appropriately. Do this early enough to avoid delay in obtaining your minor.

Organizational leadership students enjoy working in team-based environments and desire to make an impact in their organizations and communities. They understand how organizations function, have strong critical thinking and problem solving skills and are self-, socially-, and globally-aware. These characteristics enable our students to succeed in a variety of careers, including human resources, sales, banking and public service.

Like students who graduate with other liberal arts majors, graduates in organizational leadership are prepared for further academic or professional study and for many different career options in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

Graduates are employed as:

  •         Human resource recruiter
  •         Marketing manager
  •         Bank financial loan officer
  •         Retail manager
  •          Loan processor, financial institution
  •         Sales representative
  •         Local government agencies
  •         Hospital administration supervisor
  •         Restaurant owner/manager
  •         Airline customer service manager
  •         Education administrator
  •         Employee relations representative
  •         Training and development manager
  •         Health care administrator

Organizational leadership students may also choose to go on to law school, master's programs in business administration, human resource management or graduate programs in communication, psychology and other liberal arts disciplines.

Contact the program director, whose name and information appear on this page.

Students in the UC College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) enjoy many benefits afforded through study at a research-intensive institution ranked among the nation's top 25 public research universities. UC's urban, Tristate location offers exciting opportunities for global education, research and service learning, while its student-centered focus includes an 11:1 student-faculty ratio, a nationally recognized Center for Exploratory Studies and a highly successful First Year Experience program that teaches critical skills for first-year students and provides connections with important campus resources.

Minor in Organizational Leadership with Military Science Substitutions

Semester-Based Curriculum

The minor will require 18 credit hours of course work as outlined below: 

ORGL Requirements

Military Science Substitutions

OLHR2050: Foundations of Leadership

MS2001: Leadership 1

MS2002: Leadership 2

OLHR2051: Organizational Behavior for Leaders


OLHR3050: Practice of Leadership

MS3001: Adaptive Team Leadership

OLHR3053: Organizational Assessment and Evaluation


Choose two OLHR electives:

OLHR2062: Women and Activism
OLHR3012: Women in the Workplace
OLHR3055: Organizational Development and Planning
OLHR4050: Lessons in Leadership,
OLHR4051: Leading Change
OLHR4095: Individual Work in OLHR OLHR4098: Leadership Practicum OLHR6025: Ethical Issues in HRM
OLHR6050: Teams


May substitute for only one of the required OLHR electives:

MS3002: Applied Leadership

Students are limited to 1 course substitution in the elective courses. For instance, if a student takes a diversity course outside the minor, he or she can use that for credit toward the minor, but must choose other electives from the lists provided to complete the requirements for the minor.

If you have declared the minor, it will appear on your application for graduation. Apply for graduation as you normally would for your bachelor’s degree.

The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Contact Information

Nancy Rogers
Edwards One, Suite 5130A
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0094
(513) 556-1476

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