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Department of Psychology

Center for Organizational Leadership

Welcome to the Center for Organizational Leadership

The Center for Organizational Leadership (COL) is comprised of leadership scholars and faculty with a specific interest and focus on leadership in organizations.

The mission of the Center for Organizational Leadership is to be recognized in the region and nationally for excellence in leadership research, education, and service. A point of distinction for the Center is its focus on leadership across boundaries. In an increasingly diverse, global, and technology-driven workplace, leaders are often confronted with the challenge of leading those who differ with respect to culture, gender, ethnicity, organizational identity, and even location. COL researchers investigate how leaders can effectively bridge these boundaries to foster individual, group, and organizational performance.

For more information please contact Donna Chrobot-Mason, PhD, Director of the Center for Organizational Leadership.

2010 Faculty Fellows

2010 Faculty Fellows in the Center for Organizational Leadership from left to right: Donna Chrobot-Mason, Suzanne Masterson, Ted Dass, Stacie Furst-Holloway, Elaine Hollensbe, Gail Fairhurst and Suzanne Boys.