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Three Convenient Caffeine Fixes for Students

No need to stray far from campus for coffee – or to settle for a chain

At some point in the semester, almost every college student will turn to caffeine to make it through their next class, to the end of the week, or just to the end of the paper they’re working on. Many of those students will then embark on a hunt for coffee in an effort to stay awake and productive. While there are enough Starbucks on UC’s campus to keep every student well caffeinated (three locations on the uptown campus, one on medical campus, and one just across the street on Calhoun), there are other lesser-known gems nearby that are worth the while. 

The 86 (Uptown): Located on Jefferson Avenue just across from Turner Hall, this coffee house is about as close as you can get to campus without actually being on campus. This artisan coffee house roasts their coffee fresh on location daily, and features smoothies and Italian sodas in addition to their coffee. If you need caffeine in any form, you can get an “ugly mug,” which gets you bottomless drip coffee at one flat rate. Come in the daytime to work on assignments in peace, or stop by in the evening to catch a gallery opening. 
2900 Jefferson Ave,

Sitwell’s Act II: You'll find his popular hotspot on Ludlow Ave. in the Gaslight District. Sitwell’s is a renovated cafe that offers both an extensive coffee and food menu – all of which is vegan or vegetarian. In the evenings, Sitwell’s turns into a live music venue, where local artists can show off their talent, free of charge.
324 Ludlow Ave,

Rohs Street Cafe: Located on the other side of campus from The 86, Rohs Street Café is known for their open floor plan and commitment to serving fair and direct trade coffee and tea. The baristas serve up traditional espresso drinks, tea, and brewed coffee, and have rotating featured roasters to ensure customers don’t get bored. 
245 W McMillan St,