Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where's the A&S Advising Center and how do I get to it?
    The A&S Advising Center is in French Hall West, 2nd floor. Here's a campus map.
  • How early do I need to schedule an appointment with my advisor?
    Call 513-556-5860 for an appointment at least two weeks in advance of needing to meet with your advisor.
  • Where can I find out about career possibilities for my major?
    Short lists of careers are available on UC's Career Development Center lists many more by major.
  • What financial aid opportunities are there?
    There are many ways students receive financial help to attend UC, including grants, loans and scholarships. UC's financial aid Web site has all the information.
  • How do I change my major?
    This depends on your current major. If you are currently exploratory or an Arts & Science major you can change your major using our online form or pick up a "Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate" paper form at the A&S Advising Office (French Hall West, 2nd floor). If your major is in another college, you need to fill out an "Application for Change in College and Program/Application for Readmission," also available in the A&S Advising Center (French Hall West, 2nd floor).
  • How do I get into a class that I really need when it's already full? Here's the best answer, but it's not easy. First, keep trying through the regular (official) registration channels on the OneStop Website. Then send the professor or instructor a note in advance outlining your situation and why you want/need the class. Go to the first class meeting; talk to the instructor in person (before or after the class) about sitting in the class until a space opens. Come to each class session the first week. During that week, participate, ask questions, do the assignments... in short, be a good student. This softens the hearts of most professors and they may be likely to let you in, even if the class is full. This is not a surefire solution, but it does tend to work most of the time. One way to possibly prevent the situation in the future is to make sure you register for classes the previous semester during Priority Registration. This gives you the best chances at getting the classes you want. You can find out dates for Priority registration on the Registrar's website.
  • A professor really messed up my grade. How do I get it changed?
    First, talk to the professor and try to work it out. If that doesn't provide a resolution, speak to the department head about your situation. If that doesn't solve the problem, contact the University Ombuds Office at (513)556-5956.
  • I'd really like to do some study abroad. Is there anything like that around here?
    Yes. A&S has many programs. More information is available on our Study Abroad page.
  • I'd like some out-of-the-classroom experience before I graduate. Do you have any opportunities to participate in research or internships outside the classroom?
    Of course! At A&S, we believe real world experience should be part of everyone's educational experience. Visit our Real World Experience pages for more information.
  • The course I failed was a prerequisite; should I just keep the second course in my sequence?
    No, if you failed or withdrew from the prerequisite course, then you should go directly to OneStop and drop the following course, now that you do not meet its prerequisite. If you do not take this step in a timely manner, then the registration system will automatically drop the course from your schedule because you do not meet the pre-requisite. It is imperative that you take steps to adjust your schedule in a timely manner to avoid having to change your schedule late in the game. Please contact your advisor if you need assistance.