Graduate Programs

The University of Cincinnati’s Department of Mathematical Sciences provides opportunities for graduate studies in a number of specialized fields of mathematics and statistics, notably Geometric Analysis, PDEs, Mathematical Biology, Cryptography, Probability and Applied Statistics. Our faculty collaborate with scientists across the America’s, Europe, Asia and Australia as well as having interdisciplinary collaborations with local institutions. Our low student to faculty ratio of 2.3 to 1 provides students the opportunity for close personal interaction with our faculty.

Our Programs

PhD in Mathematical Sciences

The PhD in Mathematical Sciences prepares students for careers in academia and as professional mathematicians and statisticians. Students have the opportunity to work with some of the world's leading experts in a variety of research areas. The Department has particular strength in the interrelated fields of analysispartial differential equations, and probability. Students interested in more applied directions can work with experts in mathematical biosciencecomputational finance, and cryptography.

PhD in Mathematics - Statistics

The Doctor of Philosophy program with concentration in statistics prepares students for careers in industry, research institutions, and universities. The students initially undergo a sound training in theory and applied statistics, followed by advanced courses and dissertation research. Statistics faculty in the department work in diverse areas of research topics, and are also actively involved in interdisciplinary research collaboration. This provides our PhD students a wide array of research topics to choose from for their PhD dissertation.

Financial Aid for PhD Students

Students who do not have external sponsorship typically receive a graduate assistant appointment and tuition scholarship with their admission. These are renewable for up to six years for students entering with a bachelor's degree and up to five years for students entering with a master's degree. A variety of fellowships and research grants are also available. Applicants who do not need financial support should make this clear on their application since the competition for GAs is more intense than that for admission only. Applicants wishing to be considered for financial aid should complete their applications by the February 1st deadline.

Stipends are currently $19,000 for beginning students and $20,000 for students who have advanced to candidacy.

MS in Mathematical Sciences

The Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences program offers students a thorough background in advanced mathematical concepts, focusing on clear, logical reasoning and communication. Students may choose from one of these possible concentrations: pure mathematics; applied mathematics; and financial mathematics. The pure mathematics track will also prepare students to pursue a PhD.

MS in Statistics

The Master of Science in Statistics program prepares students for careers as statisticians in industry and government, as well as for entry into a PhD program in statistics or biostatistics. This highly successful program has placed students in statistical positions with many of Cincinnati's major employers, such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Medpace, A C Nielsen Bases, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

4+1 Master's Degree in Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers the opportunity for students to complete both the BA or BS in Mathematical Sciences and the MS in either Mathematical Sciences or Statistics in a five-year period. The achievement of this goal requires that the student complete 9-10 semester graduate credits beyond what is required for the undergraduate major prior to the end of his or her fourth year.

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