Scholarship Application FAQs

Yes, if you are a returning undergraduate student with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and will be enrolled in an Arts & Sciences degree program as of fall semester 2022.

The application is for undergraduate students only.  Graduate students, please contact your School for information about available graduate scholarships.

If you will be an incoming first-year student you will be considered (under a different scholarship process) provided you meet the requirement of completing your application for admission by the December 1st deadline.  Incoming first-year students will be contacted directly by the scholarship committee if a scholarship is awarded under the aforementioned process.

Scholarships are limited and highly competitive; however, the Scholarship Committee believes in rewarding as many of our deserving students as possible. Most awards are given for high academic merit, but additional achievements, current and future goals, volunteer experience, financial need, and other criteria are taken into consideration.

Most scholarships are non-renewable; you must re-apply for most Arts & Sciences scholarships every year.

If you have a question about application status or when money will be applied to your account, contact:

If you have a question about donor thank you cards, headshots, or online statements of gratitude, contact:

Olivia Suttles