Romance Languages and Literature


Why study Romance Languages and Literature?

<p>The Department offers two areas of study at the Ph.D. level: Spanish literature &amp; cultural studies and Latin American literature &amp; cultural studies. Ph.D. students are encouraged to develop their own particular doctoral curriculum according to their fields of interests and to the topic of their dissertation.</p> <p>At the PhD level we teach and model the complex critical and theoretical skills necessary to conduct literary research. With our nationally recognized language-instructor training and our careful mentoring in research methods, we prepare doctoral students for success in college-level teaching positions; our placement rate is excellent.</p> <p>Please see the <a href="" target="_blank">program website</a>&nbsp;for further details.</p>

Admission Requirements

<ul> <li>A recent MA degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university, preferably an MA in Spanish or French and a strong literary background</li> <li>A good foundation in Spanish or French language and literature</li> <li>A minimum GPA of 3.50</li> <li>GRE not required</li> <li>Curriculum Vitae (CV, resume, <em>hoja de vida</em>)</li> <li>Three letters of recommendation, preferably from recent language or literature professors submitted through the UC online recommendation system</li> <li>Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended</li> <li>A 500 word statement of purpose, preferably in the target language</li> <li>A writing sample in the target language</li> <li>For non native English speakers: <ul> <li>TOEFL scores, the minimum: 520 (paper),190 (computer), or &nbsp;80 (internet)</li> <li>Oral English Proficiency Test administered by UC before being allowed to teach</li> </ul> </li> </ul>

Application Deadlines

<p>Please visit&nbsp;the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Program website</a>&nbsp;or contact the program director for information prior to applying to learn about application requirements or to inquire about materials that need to be submitted.</p> <p>Deadline: February 1.</p>
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Contact Information

Dr. Nicasio Urbina
715 Old Chem
Cincinnati, OH 45221
(513) 556-1838

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Program Code: 15DOC-RLL-PHD