About Us

Language Resource Centers (LRCs) are entities funded by the United States Department of Education under a program that “provides grants for establishing, strengthening, and operating centers that serve as resources for improving the nation's capacity for teaching and learning foreign languages through teacher training, research, materials development, and dissemination projects.”  There are 16 active LRCs nationally. (Learn more about Title VI programs and the International and Foreign Language Education (IFLE) office.)

The acronym CEDAR stands for the Curricular Enhancement, Development, Access, and Research Language Resource Center.

Through our ten inaugural projects, we both develop and research the impact of leading-edge curricular materials for language learners. Our projects serve language learners of all ages and focus on the four focal areas of virtual reality (VR) for curricular design, the development of inclusive materials, community and institutional partnerships, and theory-to-practice research.

Materials created at the CEDAR LRC are available as open educational resources (OERs) through our website. Since we are a new LRC, 2022-23 will be a developmental year for many projects, with shareable resources becoming available starting in the fall of 2023. In the meantime, check out the CEDAR LRC’s list of events, including both virtual and in-person webinars and workshops for language educators. 

Sign up for an upcoming webinar or workshop here or contact us directly at info-cedar@ucmail.uc.edu. You can also stay up to date with CEDAR LRC news on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) using the handle CEDAR_LRC_UC. 


Center Direction

Kara Moranski

Kara Moranski, Ph.D.

Juan Godoy-Penas

Juan Godoy-Peñas, Ph.D.

  • Kara Moranski, Ph.D., Co-Director 
  • Juan Godoy-Peñas, Ph.D., Co-Director 
Emma Ortquist

Emma Ortquist

Anne Lingwall Odio

Anne Lingwall Odio, Ph.D.

Olivia Miller

Olivia Miller

  • Emma Ortquist, CEDAR LRC Program Manager 
  • Anne Lingwall Odio, Ph.D., Associate Director of Projects & Partnerships  
  • Olivia Miller, CEDAR LRC Graduate Assistant & M.A. Student 


Muhammad Faruque

Muhammad Faruque, Ph.D.

Nuria López-Ortega

Nuria López-Ortega, Ph.D.

Lindsay Preseau

Lindsay Preseau, Ph.D.

  • Muhammad Faruque, Ph.D.
    • University of Cincinnati
    • Project: “Being Arab-American through VR: The Role of Language and Culture”
    • Focal language: Arabic
  • Nuria López-Ortega, Ph.D.
    • University of Cincinnati
    • Project: “Cultural Immersive Experiences for Spanish Learners: Jerez de la Frontera”
    • Focal Language: Spanish
  • Lindsay Preseau, Ph.D
    • Iowa State University 
    • Project: “Perspectives on and Resources for Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender-Non-Conforming Language in the K-12 Language Classroom”
    • Focal Languages: Russian, German, French, and Spanish
Shureka Nyawalo

Shureka Nyawalo, Ph.D.

Grace Thome

Grace Thome, M.Ed., M.A.

Daniel Diaz Reyes

Daniel Diaz Reyes, Ph.D., J.D.

  • Shureka Nyawalo, Ph.D.  
    • University of Cincinnati 
    • Project: “Decolonizing the French Curriculum: Towards a more Inclusive Representation” 
    • Focal Language: French   
  • Grace Thome, M.Ed., M.A. 
    • University of Cincinnati  
    • Project: “Interactive Open Educational Resource (OER) Textbook for Levantine Arabic I and II” 
    • Focal Language: Arabic (Levantine and Modern Standard) 
  • Daniel Diaz Reyes, Ph.D., J.D. 
    • Union Institute & University 
    • Project: “Developing Interactive Experiences for Nahuatl Language Learners”  
    • Focal Language: Nahuatl

Institutional Collaborators

  • Stephanie Korslund, Ph.D., Senior Instructional Designer for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Cincinnati 
  • Beth Faller, Ed.D., Associate Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CET&L) at the University of Cincinnati
  • UC Press
  • UC Sim Center