Why study Geography?

Geography BS: Environmental-Physical

Coastal storms, drought, wildfires: with the tremendous financial, social and environmental impact of climate change, there is no better time to study physical and environmental geography. And with its state-of-the-art labs and global research reach, there is no better place to do it than UC’s College of Arts and Sciences.

At UC, you will study land, water, soils, climate and vegetation and how they change over time. UC is recognized nationally as a top research university by the Carnegie Foundation. Here, your research matters. UC faculty are experts in climate, land use change, hydrology and soil science. They travel the world to understand the forces that shaped our Earth and the ongoing changes we experience today.

Geography allows you to study both social and physical sciences. In this program, you will learn to analyze environmental data crucial in shaping public policy. You will pursue your own research passions, design your own experiments and use UC’s robust laboratories and the latest geographic techniques to analyze your results and get your findings published. UC’s geography graduates apply their skills to make a difference in the world. After graduation, you’ll have a foundation to pursue your choice of careers in government, nonprofit agencies or education.

Geography BS: Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

The first geographers were explorers. UC’s College of Arts and Sciences upholds that tradition today. At UC, you will learn to harness powerful computer technology and your own passion for research to make a difference in the world.

For UC’s BS-GIS, Geographic Information Systems in geography, you will use critical analysis, powerful technology tools and hands-on experience to understand the biggest societal challenges we face today. Geography is hugely important today in making sense of big data through maps, spatial analysis and other geospatial technology.

Since the department’s founding in 1907, UC geographers have traveled the world, influencing global and local policy.

UC is recognized nationally as a top research university by the Carnegie Foundation. Here, your research matters. At UC, you will use geospatial technology such as satellites and drones to investigate the problems facing society. At UC your research will help people make the most informed decisions about urban planning, environmental science or industry.

After graduation, you’ll have a foundation to pursue your choice of careers in government, nonprofit agencies or education. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts geography jobs will grow by 7 percent in the next decade, making now a great time to enter this exciting field.

Admission Requirements

Freshmen applicants, please visit the Admission Requirements page for more information.

Students are successful when they have an interest in learning about and understanding (1) world events, (2) local events within cities, (3) the urban, global, economic, and political processes underlying world and local events, (4) human impact on the physical environment and (5) the skills necessary to process, display and analyze geographic information.

Geography provides a good educational background for students interested in a variety of careers in business, various government agencies (federal, state, county, city), non-profit agencies or careers as college and university professors. Geography provides strong preparation for professional and graduate schools (law, medicine, business, geography, or other physical or social sciences). Employment for students with strong geographic computer skills (GIS) is particularly strong. Examples of geography related jobs in various areas include:

  • Agency of Internal Development
  • Audobon Society
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Bureau of the Census
  • Cartographer
  • Geographic software programming
  • Housing and urban development
  • Market research
  • Sierra Club
  • Teaching
  • Travel industry


Students in the UC College of Arts and Sciences enjoy many benefits afforded through study at a research-extensive institution ranked among the nation's top 25 public research universities. UC's urban, Tristate location offers exciting opportunities for global education, research and service learning, while its student-centered focus includes an 11:1 faculty-student ratio, a nationally recognized Center for Exploratory Studies, and a highly successful First Year Experience Program that teaches critical skills for first-year students and provides connections with important campus resources.

Geography majors often engage in study abroad opportunities or international field trips. Some students pursue professional internships arranged on an ad hoc basis.

International applicants, please visit the International Admissions page for more information.

The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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