Evaluation Workshops

Program Evaluation Workshops equip Project Directors and other language educators with both qualitative and quantitative evaluation tools for measuring the impact of the curricular materials that they create. These workshops occur once per semester at the University of Cincinnati and are open to language educators of all levels. Condensed video versions are also available here on the CEDAR LRC’s website (see below). 

List of current and upcoming Program Evaluation Workshops

  • Fall 2022 (10/27/2022) Workshop: “Measuring Learning Engagement”
    • Description: This session introduces metrics on the learning management system (LMS) and OER platforms that show learner engagement with materials as measured by total site visits, time spent per visit, downloads, and number of unique visitors.
    • Link to video version: Coming soon!
  • Spring 2023 Workshop (Upcoming): “Building a Better Course Survey”
    • Description: This session will give an overview of Qualtrics survey management software and review best practices for creating and administering educational surveys to obtain student feedback on course materials.