Americas, Latinx, and Indigenous people artifacts

The Américas, Latinx, and Indigenous Peoples Research Center

AIRC was established in the fall of 2020. Since then, AIRC has begun to unite community leaders, faculty members, and students, as they share research, exchange scholarly ideas, and reflect on different forms of knowledge and social awareness. AIRC is currently working to secure external funding to support greater possibilities for research, programming, and activities that will tend to the growing number of minoritized student, faculty, and community members in Cincinnati, its surrounding regions and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill the commitment of AIRC's stakeholders, by actively sustaining a clearly-defined community whereby groups of scholars, students, and community leaders and constituents collaborate to foster interdisciplinary and transformative research, while nurturing opportunities for fruitful educational exhange. A critical element of this mission is to combat discrimation and prejudice, via cultural awareness initatives that cultivate intercultural understandings and dialogue. Through this mission, AIRC hopes to further strengthen the Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies BA program/certificate and the emerging Native and Indigenous Studies program.