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2 The tale of Ohio's only known witch trial

October 31, 2023

UC's Janine Hartman, a professor of history, explains how opinions around witches and witchcraft have changed from the 20th century to today. Hartman teaches a class titled Witches and Witchcraft and cites the Ohio Witch Trial as an example of misplaced blame on the supernatural.


What do moms and roaches have in common?

October 20, 2023

Beetle-mimic cockroaches suppress their immune systems to accommodate their babies. Understanding how these systems work in insects can help improve treatments for fibromyalgia and other immune disorders, University of Cincinnati researchers said.


UC journalism program partners with video-workflow platform...

October 17, 2023

The University of Cincinnati has entered a partnership with the video workflow company Latakoo. Used by broadcasters around the world, the platform first became available in the classroom to aspiring journalists in UC’s College of Arts and Sciences this semester. It is the first such educational partnership for Latakoo, which will be used to train students on industry-standard video workflow to produce news stories, with an eye toward giving UC journalism graduates an edge in an increasingly competitive market, as the industry needs more multimedia-trained journalists.


Tanium: UC expert explains cybersecurity risks from...

October 13, 2023

University of Cincinnati Professor Richard Harknett, director of the School of Public and International Affairs, tells 700-WLW that latest conflict in Israel started with a 'massive surprise attack.' Israel has declared war on Hamas.


UC student documents wildlife tragedy in Hawaii

October 11, 2023

Ella Marcil, a digital media student at the University of Cincinnati, was commissioned by the Kauai County Office of Economic Development to document the work of scientists who are scrambling to save the last members of a songbird called the akikiki.


California dreamin'

October 10, 2023

Students from the University of Cincinnati teamed up with a group from California State University, San Bernardino on a whirlwind geologic tour of northern California — from the Marin Headlands at the foot of the foggy Golden Gate Bridge to the black basaltic sands of Shell Beach to the massive granite outcrops of the Sierra Nevada dating back to the age of Tyrannosaurus rex.


UC grad finds success following her passion, studying the stars

October 9, 2023

Amanda Bauer might have spent her career travelling the globe with a degree in French, but the future had other plans. Instead, she found her calling in astronomy through UC’s College of Arts and Sciences. Bauer graduated from UC in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science with high honors. Today, she is deputy director and head of science and education for Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin. Bauer came to UC with a dilemma like many other high school graduates; she knew what she wanted to study but was unsure of the path. “When I was growing up, I wanted to study astronomy, but had not met any scientists and honestly did not know it was physics. So, I majored in French thinking I could travel - my other passion,” said Bauer. Bauer came to see that her first choice was not the right fit, despite her love of travel. She loved astronomy, but no track or major existed within the university at the time.


WCPO: Abortions dropped 15% across Ohio last year

October 5, 2023

UC abortion researcher Danielle Bessett weighs in on new data that shows abortion has declined by 15%. Bessett's current research projects examine patient experiences of abortion care and disparities in contraceptive access, prenatal care, and infant mortality.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: In board games, players find fun,...

October 5, 2023

German studies assistant professor Evan Torner is cited as a board gaming expert in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The article states that Euro style board games are more complex and require management thinking, to which Torner agrees. He notes that gaming in the U.S. became more popular due to the rise in European-style games.


Times Reporter: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine wants to ban flavored...

October 2, 2023

A ban of flavored nicotine is under discussion in the Ohio state house, but legislators cannot agree on which — or all — flavors to ban. UC political scientist David Niven talks to the Times Reporter about whether legislators can come to an agreement.


College Matters. Alma Matters: UC grad and UC faculty featured...

September 29, 2023

College Matters. Alma Matters. podcast features molecular geneticist Dr. Anil Menon, associate dean of undergraduate education and director of the undergraduate program in biomedical sciences in the UC College of Medicine and Pateek Raj, graduate of SPIA.


Everything you need to know about UC alum Travis Kelce

September 29, 2023

Cincinnati went wild for Taylor Swift when she brought her Eras Tour to the Queen City this summer. Now her ties to Cincinnati grow as she’s been linked to University of Cincinnati alum and NFL star Travis Kelce. Swifties everywhere are asking: Who is Travis Kelce? Here’s everything you need to know about Taylor’s latest rumored romance.


Finding an unexpected passion at UC

September 27, 2023

Lane Bokros ’25, grew up in a household that showcased what intelligence and a strong work ethic can do. Today, Bokros is following in the family tradition of success, but with a difference: He is a first-generation college student who aspires to post-graduate education and a career in medicine.


UC presents lecture on liberal arts featuring Michael W. Twitty

Event: October 10, 2023 7:30 PM

The University of Cincinnati welcomes Michael W. Twitty, award-winning author of “The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South,” for a presentation next month. Twitty will share his views on the value of liberal arts study at a time when headlines show the discipline may be in decline. Titled “What’s It Got to Do With Me? The Importance of the Humanities to Contemporary American Life,” the event will be held Tuesday, October 10 at 7:30 p.m. at UC’s Probasco Auditorium, 2839 Clifton Ave. Presented by UC’s College of Arts and Sciences, and sponsored by Taft Research Center, The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, and a host of other supporters, the event is free and open to the public.


PAC brings special events to UC

September 25, 2023

Find fun, free things to do on campus. UC’s Programs and Activities Council (PAC), a student-run organization responsible for special events and concerts and bringing speakers and comedians to campus, offers activities for student engagement throughout the year.


WVXU: Tech CEOs talk AI with lawmakers

September 22, 2023

Professor Richard Harknett is a guest speaker on WVXU's Cincinnati Edition on the topic of AI and the need, or lack thereof, for government regulations. Professor Harknett is the head of UC's School of Public and International Affairs and is an often sought out media resource on technology, cybersecurity and governmental affairs.


With UC, you see the world

September 19, 2023

Study abroad is back to 75% of pre-COVID levels at the University of Cincinnati, and a wide variety of international study options is available to students in any program. Where do you see yourself in the world?


UC hosts expert symposium on COVID-19, now and then

Event: September 22, 2023 3:00 PM

The University of Cincinnati will host a symposium on the state’s response to the pandemic titled Ohio Under COVID: Lessons from America’s Heartland in Crisis. The event will feature Dr. Amy Acton, former director of the Ohio Department of Health, and authors and editors of the new book of the same title.


WVXU: Analysis: Ohio's GOP is about to pull another fast one on...

September 14, 2023

Political scientist David Niven quoted for his opinion in WVXU article on Ohio's redistricting process. Niven is an associated professor in UC's School of Public and International Affairs and is often cited in media for his expertise on governmental affairs.


New battery holds promise for green energy

September 6, 2023

In his chemistry lab at the University of Cincinnati, Associate Professor Jimmy Jiang and his students have created a new battery that could have profound implications for the large-scale energy storage needed by wind and solar farms.


Path to 50K: A journey defined by our impact

August 28, 2023

University of Cincinnati President Neville G. Pinto shares the importance of UC's impact as enrollment projected to eclipse 50,000 students for first time in university history.


A big gulp for a little snake

August 25, 2023

Sure, pythons can swallow a deer whole, but the world-champion eater is a harmless African snake with a fondness for eggs.


Fox 19: Political science expert talks Vivek Ramaswamy’s rise

August 24, 2023

Vivek Ramaswamy might be a novice politician, but he is not a novice public speaker, says UC's David Niven. In an interview with Fox 19, Niven explains that Ramaswamy's experience in the corporate world would likely give him confidence on the debate stage.


WVXU: What is pink-slime journalism?

August 24, 2023

WVXU interview with UC's Jeffrey Blevins and other experts on the topic of "pink-slime" journalism (media outlets pretending to be something that they are not). In the interview, experts provide tips on identifying and avoiding these outlets. One example is "The Buckeye Journal" which had Cincinnatian's thinking it was a community paper, when it is actually a partisan funded organization.


UC Latino Alumni Network members reflect on their past as they...

August 24, 2023

Gloria Forsythe, A&S ’95, and Pamela Mallory, CAHS ’09, are two members of an ethnic spectrum that spans cultures, countries and continents. Together, Forsythe and Mallory are reaching out to UC’s diverse population of Hispanic and Latino students and alumni through the UC Latino Alumni Network (UCLAN), an affinity group of the UC Alumni Association.

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