UC College of Arts and Sciences 2020 Scholarship Recognition Celebration

Valerio C. Ferme, Dean, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences

Welcome all to the A&S Scholarship Recognition Celebration!

We are happy that you are able to join us in celebrating one of the most exciting events of a college’s yearly existence, when students and donors come together to revel in, and acknowledge, the impact that scholarships have on the success of students, faculty, and donors alike.

To Students: Congratulations on your award. Scholarships are a recognition of the hard work you do, but also of the special interests and strengths that you bring to your areas of study. The donors who established the scholarships you received recognize your expertise, passion and needs, and have committed the support that helps you achieve your goals.

To Donors: Thank you for recognizing excellence through your gift, and for sustaining our students’ excitement toward knowledge and academic success. Whether the gift acknowledges your own path or the paths of those who came before you in sustaining your own successes, what we celebrate in your gift and presence is the kindness of the human spirit to pay it forward and elevate others the way you elevated yourself.

As the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, I am humbled by the incredible achievements we celebrate today, from those of our donors to those of our students. I hope that this celebration, even in this new format, provides a reminder of how moments like these uplift us toward new goals and future achievements.

Thank you all.

Dean Ferme's signature

Valerio Ferme

Student Gratitude

Makenzie Holloway, Communication, Class of 2022

Anna Smith, Communication, Class of 2020

Sergio Martinez, Arabic Language and Culture, Class of 2023

Vickie Byrd, Interdisciplinary Studies, Class of 2021

Donor Stories

Tom and Chris Carleton, Class of 1991 & 1990, Department of Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

Darlene Walley, Class of 1984, Department of Chemistry PhD, College of Arts and Sciences

Sam Bridle, Class of 1980, Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Science

A&S 2020-21 Gifts In Action

This year, generous donors contributed more than 3.3 million dollars to scholarships for students in UC’s College of Arts and Sciences.  A total of $508,925.00 of scholarship aid was awarded to students for the 2020-2021 academic year from the College.

Scholarships were awarded to:

  • 41 Incoming freshmen
  • 344 Returning students
  • 385 Total students

With Gratitude for Newly Established Scholarship and Fellowship Funds:

  • The Joan S. Reisch, PhD, Scholarship for STEM Education Endowment Fund 
  • The Joseph C. Gallo, PhD Scholarship for First Generation Students Endowment Fund 
  • The Richard and Edith Wacksman Undergraduate STEM Scholarship Endowment Fund 
  • The Richard and Burton O. Roehr Scholarship for A&S First Generation Students Endowment Fund 
  • The Elizabeth Owens Chato and John C. Chato Scholarship Endowment Fund 
  • The Eric and Marilyn Holt Endowed Scholarship Fund 
  • The Niehoff Center for Film and Media Studies Endowment Fund 

If you wish to learn more about scholarships and how you can make an impact, please email Michael Griffin (michael.griffin@uc.edu), Senior Director of Development, or call (614) 558-4027.