Expand your knowledge in mathematics

The Master of Arts for Teachers of Mathematics (MAT) program at the University of Cincinnati is now accepting applications.  Partial University Graduate Scholarships are available on a competitive basis for all students in the MAT program.  Apply by April 15 for full consideration.

Why choose the MA for Teachers of Mathematics at UC?

Program content

The goal of the MAT Program is to provide our students with a deep understanding of the fundamental mathematical ideas of high school mathematics. To that end, our courses emphasize mathematical content, providing an advanced perspective on the topics our students actually teach in their own classrooms.

Each summer, we offer a two-course sequence covering a main topic of high school mathematics, a course that introduces and uses technology to support this main sequence, and an additional supporting course for a related high school topic. Through these courses, we focus on expanding your mathematical knowledge to help you build your expertise.

Convenient schedule

This graduate degree program requires three consecutive summers to complete, plus time spent on a project during one academic year, following the first or second summer. Teachers can enter the program any summer, as courses are repeated every third year. Classes meet in the mornings from early June to the first week of August, so as not to conflict with secondary school calendars.

Financial support

All applicants for the MAT program are automatically reviewed for the partial scholarship eligibility at the time of application.  Apply by April 15 for full consideration.

I love it. I learn an incredible amount, learn from many other teachers from the area, and learn teaching styles from the professors teaching the courses.

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Send an email to Marilee Oldstone-Moore at marilee.oldstone-moore@uc.edu
Program Coordinator
Department of Mathematical Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Cincinnati