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Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

About the Department

Greetings from Kevin Shockley, Interim Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Psychology. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, equipping students to work in a wide variety of jobs in the public, private, and governmental sectors. They include:

  • BA in Psychology

  • BS in Psychology

  • BA in Organizational Leadership

  • MA in Human Resources

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

  • Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology

In addition to pursuing these degrees, we encourage students to become active members of the department, participating in organizations such as the Psychology Club, conducting research in various labs, and help shape the atmosphere of our department. Our organizations offer many programs that help students learn about careers paths and extra-curricular training opportunities. You can also contact me at or any of our five program directors with specific questions pertaining to our programs.

  • Professor Stacie Furst, Director of Undergraduate Training in Organizational Leadership

  • Professor Erinn Green, Director of Undergraduate Training in Psychology

  • Professor Nancy Rogers, Director of Human Resources Training (MHR program)

  • Professor Paula Shear, Director of Clinical Training (PhD program)

  • Professor Michael A. Riley, Director of Experimental Training (PhD program)

The following faculty may be recruiting new students for the entering class of 2015:

Jeff Epstein
Stacie Furst-Holloway
Farrah Jacquez
Kristen Jastrowski Mano
Rachel Kallen
Heidi Kloos
Quintino Mano
Bridgette Peteet
Michael Richardson
Michael Riley
Paula Shear
Shari Wade
Sarah Whitton

Kevin Shockley
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