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UC College of Arts and Sciences: Take advantage of your summer

Summer semester at UC College of Arts and Sciences offers something for everyone. Whether you want to get ahead with your degree, need time for an internship or vacation, or would love to take time to study topics that you're passionate about, summer semester at UC College of Arts and Sciences is the perfect time to:

  • Complete your BoKs or general requirements
  • Take advantage of flexible summer schedules 
  • Get ahead in your major
  • Explore your interests in current topics: international affairs, sustainability, community leadership, gender studies and more.

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Align Your Studies with Your Passions

Interesting in broadening your knowledge in a specific area, learning more about what's going on around the world? A&S has courses for you!

Environment and Sustainability

  • COMM/EVST 2004: Communicating About Health, Environment, and Science
    • You will learn about the symbolic and material dimensions of environment and health issues, ways in which risk is evaluated and communicated in a variety of contexts, and about the parameters of scientific argument in various technical and political arenas.
    • Class Attributes: SCE, SE, SS
  • EVST/GEOG 1043: Endangered Earth
    • In the study of biodiversity conservation, you will be introduced to the theories and practical methods of conservation biogeography, a new scientific frontier that addresses the global problem of biodiversity loss. 
    • Class Attributes: NS
  • GEOL 1009: Natural Hazards
    • This class will introduce geologic hazards and natural disasters, their effects on society, and the attempts at preparation and mitigation for these events.
    • Class Attributes: NS, SE
  • PHIL 3027: Environmental Ethics
    • This course discusses the values, principles, arguments, and theories that support pro-environmental concerns. Topics include: animal welfare and rights; the value of nature; anthropocentrism; deep ecology; ecofeminism; sustainability; environmental justice; food ethics; and the ethics of climate change.  
    • Class Attributes: SCE, SE, TI

Global Affairs, Policy, and Conflict

  • EUST 1001: Introduction to European Studies
    • An intro to European politics, economics, culture, geography, society, and history from an interdisciplinary perspective.  
    • Class Attributes: DC, HP, SCE
  • GEOG 1021: World Regional Geography
    • This course provides a comprehensive survey of all the regions studied in geography: North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.
    • Class Attributes: DC, SS
  • POL 1080: Introduction to International Relations
    • The course introduces concepts, structures, theories, processes and practices which explain decision-making within countries and societies, and across cultures and institutions that influence various aspects of the system of international relations.
    • Class Attributes: SCE, SE, SS
  • PHIL 1025: Contemporary Moral Issues
    • This course aims to help students understand views on controversial moral issues by critically examining arguments on both sides of heated moral debates.
    • Class Attributes: DC, SCE, SE

Internet, Media, and Entertainment

  • COMM 2089: The Internet and Everyday Life
    • Study topics in communication that examine the connections between society and the Internet and how the use of digital media influences communication and everyday life. The course traces the origins and development of the Internet and introduces extant theories that attempt to explain its influence everyday lives.
    • Course Attributes: SS, TI
  • DMC 1000: Foundations of Digital Media
    • Study various research topics in film and media, clarify your course of study, and build connections with faculty, professionals, and students with similar interests.
    • Class Attributes: FA, HU
  • DMC/ENGL 2015: Introduction to Screenwriting
    • This course is an introduction to studying, learning, and practicing screenwriting techniques. You will learn about film and television screenplay structure, analyze dramatic strategies in film and television, learn and apply correct script form, and creatively engage in the various stages of original scriptwriting.
    • Class Attributes: FA, HU
  • FILM 2005: Topics in Film and Media Studies
    • This course will introduce the cinemas of particular nations, film or television genres, and use film or television to explore particular social, historical, or cultural issues.
    • Class Attributes: FA, HU
  • WGS 2061: Gender and Popular Culture
    • You will critically examine gender, sexuality, and other identity markers as they are portrayed in popular and alternative media, including film, TV, and Internet-based mediums, as well as audio and print materials.
    • Class Attributes: DC, DEI, HU

Workplace Leadership

  •  COMM 2081: Business Communication
    • You will study principles that establish written and oral communication standards in preparation for the workplace, learn to analyze different writing situations, plan and design communications, and how to write in appropriate styles.
    • Class Attributes: HU
  • ORGL 2048: Foundations of Nonprofit and Community Leadership
    • You will explore the concept of leadership and learn to understand how leadership operates within nonprofit and community-based organizations. Students will study the individual, group, organizational, and societal factors that impact how effective leaders develop and how various traits and behaviors shape outcomes.
    • Class Attributes: SS
  • PHIL 2028: Business Ethics
    • This interdisciplinary course is designed not only for business students but for all students who wish to become familiar with the rapidly expanding field of business and professional ethics. Issues addressed include: corporate responsibility, the environment, ethical issues in the workplace, job discrimination, and responsibilities to consumers, etc.
    • Class Attributes: HU, SCE, SE
  • PSYC 3029: Psychology in the Workplace
    • This skill-based course deals with interpersonal skills as they apply to the workplace. Topics will include supervision, conflict resolution, team building, career development and other issues affecting human relations. Students will perform self-assessments utilizing a variety of tools and engage in small group exercises in the classroom.

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2022 Summer Schedule

  • Full Semester: 
    • Classes: 5/9 - 8/6
  • Maymester (Session M)
    • Classes: 5/9 - 5/29
  • First Half Term (Session D)
    •  Classes: 5/9 - 6/22
  • Summer A (Session A)
    • Classes:5/31 - 7/3
  • Second Half Term (Session E)
    • Classes: 6/23 - 8/6
  • Summer B (Session B)
    • Classes: 7/5 - 8/6