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  • Explore your interests in current topics: international affairs, sustainability, community leadership, gender studies and more.

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Interesting in broadening your knowledge in a specific area, learning more about what's going on around the world? A&S has courses for you!

Environment and Sustainability

  • GEOG 2020/EVST 2020: The Human Impact on the Natural Environment
    • This interdisciplinary course examines the impact of human activity on the natural world, including vegetation, soil, water, the landscape and climate. Students will also develop an understanding of key concepts and issues to encourage critical thinking about human-created problems and solutions.
    • Class attributes: NS / CM CT IL KI
  • BIOL 1009C: Wild Flowers and Trees of Ohio
    • Designed for non-science majors, this course offers students the opportunity to learn about plant anatomy, identification, evolution and characteristics of plant families. Through active outdoor learning, students will gain an appreciation for the natural history of our region.
    • Class attributes: NS
  • EVST 1043: The Endangered Earth
    • With the ongoing climate crisis, more than half of all terrestrial life faces the threat of extinction within the next century. How can biodiversity mitigate the impacts of human-caused climate change? Learn how by taking this course that explores biodiversity conservation and introduces students to theories and practical methods of conservation biogeography.
    • Class Attributes: NS / CM CT IL KI SR

Politics and International Relations

  • POL 1010: Introduction to American Politics
    • Students taking this course will examine American political ideology and learn about the dynamics of the American political system, including public opinion, voting behavior, the influence of political parties and public policy. Using academic concepts, structures, theories and processes to explore issues like civil rights and liberties, students will trace the historical development of the American political system and its institutions.
    • Class Attributes: HP SS / CT KI SR 
  • POL 3023: Health Politics & Policy in the U.S.
    • Curious about how politics impact health policies in America? This course will provide an overview of domestic health policies and the politics that contribute to the development of health and policy outcomes. Gain a basic understanding of American institutions involved in the formation of health policies and their roles in the policy-making process. Students will also learn how to use data to assess health mobilization efforts in both national and state contexts.
    • Class Attributes: SCE SS / CM CT IL KI
  • POL 2087: Cooperation in International Relations
    • Establish understandings of key concepts, social and cultural systems and theories that examine international cooperation and how it is reproduced over time. This course will address issues within international cooperation such as its origins, the development of international norms, laws and ethics, domestic and transnational sources of cooperation, and the role of regimes and institutions in fostering cooperation. It is open to political science or international affairs majors, as well as other majors seeking to improve their understanding of international cooperation.
    • Class Attributes: SCE SE SS / CM CT IL KI SR

Sexuality and Gender

  • WGS 2010: Human Sexuality
    • Sexuality fundamentally affects our lives at different levels and is a unique lived experience for each and every person. Explore new perspectives of human sexuality in this course that will deepen students' academic understanding of psychological, social, cultural and scientific issues related to sexuality and equip them with interdisciplinary concepts and methodologies for analyzing human sexuality.
    • Course Attributes: DC SCE SS / CT KI SR
  • WGS 2060: Sex and Race at the Movies
    • This course encourages students to think about how sexual and racial diversity, equity and inclusion affect filmmaking and how films, in turn, shape society's attitudes and behaviors around sexual and racial diversity, equity and inclusion. Students will learn analytical methods from Film Studies, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Critical Race Studies, and apply them to both Hollywood movies and films from around the world.
    • Class Attributes: DC DEI SE / CM CT KI SR
  • WGS 2061: Gender in Pop Culture
    • Pop culture can reinforce and transform social norms. This course looks at ways in which aspects of popular culture function as both a source of anti-feminism and a site of feminist work toward social change. Students will be introduced to feminist media analysis methods and a range of popular media such as fiction, non-fiction and film.
    • Class Attributes: DC DEI HU / CT KI SR

Social Justice

  •  WGSS 2063: LGBTQ Activism
    • Learn about past and present influences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people in social justice activism. This course provides critical investigations of how race, ethnicity, class, sex, religion, ideology, disability, and other forms of identity, difference, and exclusion influence and intersect with LGBTQ social-justice activism.
    • Class Attributes:  DEI SS / SR
  • PHIL 1025: Contemporary Moral Issues
    • Are you passionate about moral issues, but unsure about how to navigate controversies surrounding them? Learn how to support your positions with clear and persuasive arguments in the course that aims to help students do just that by critically examining arguments on both sides of heated contemporary moral debates. There are no prerequisites.
    • Class Attributes: DC SCE SE / CM CT IL KI SR
  • SOC 2043: Contemporary Social Problems
    • Using sociological perspectives, this course examines social issues and contemporary problems and concerns in society.
    • Class Attributes: SCE SE SS / CM CT IL KI SR

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2023 Summer Schedule

  • Full Semester: 
    • Classes: 5/8 – 8/5
  • Maymester (Session M)
    • Classes: 5/8 – 5/28
  • First Half Term (Session D)
    •  Classes: 5/8 - 6/21
  • Summer A (Session A)
    • Classes: 5/30 – 7/2
  • Second Half Term (Session E)
    • Classes: 6/22-8/5
  • Summer B (Session B)
    • Classes: 7/3 – 8/5