Why you should participate in an internship program

  • It can help you determine if your "dream job" is really the "ideal job" for you. By working in an internship you can see what your future career could really look like.

  • You can gain valuable experience. Employers are looking for people with quantifiable experience on their resumes and in their portfolios when they are hiring new employees. An internship can give you that advantage.

  • You can network with professionals in your field. By working in the industry you are going to meet people who work in your field of interest. These people can be valuable resources to you in the future as employers, references, and mentors.

Academic internships provide all of the benefits of a regular internship as well as allow you to earn academic credit towards your degree and create a record of your experience on your academic transcript.

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How to find an internship

There are many resources on campus to help you find the ideal position. However, you must take some initiative to contact the company, apply for and interview for the position, and then ultimately to get the position. In addition to your own contacts in the community and faculty members, some additional resources that may help you are:

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How to receive credit for your internship

In order to earn credit for your internship you will need to work with the internship coordinator in your academic department. It is important that you meet with these people before you start your internship. Each department has different requirements that you need to complete in order to get credit for your work. You will also need to register for the internship course within your department to receive academic credit.

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What the credit you receive counts toward

Your credits may be counted in a number of different ways depending on your department. Some departments will count the internship credits towards major credits (including required research or practicum work), while others may count it as elective credit. Check with your department to see how your credits will be counted.

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Can I get paid for my internship and still receive credit for it?

There is no college policy that prohibits you from receiving financial compensation in addition to receiving credit for your internship work. However, some departments do have policies that prohibit you from getting paid for the experience if you are earning academic credit. Check with your departmental contacts to be sure.

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Number of hours needed to work per week for an internship

This will vary from department to department and will be dependent upon how many credit hours you are earning for your internship; but most internships require a minimum of 8-12 hours per week for 14-15 weeks (one semester) in order to earn 3 credit hours.

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Examples of Arts & Sciences internships

Junior or senior communication students have the opportunity to intern at various businesses in many different communications related industries. Contact Maribeth Metzler for more information.

The Environmental Studies internship program allows students to explore relevant careers and opportunities in their field. Contact Paula Breslin for more information.

International Affairs and Political Science students may participate in summer internships locally or in a variety of places outside of Cincinnati, including Washington, D.C. Contact Jane Anderson for more information.

Any UC student may earn a writing certificate. This program and its internship opportunities provide a variety of experiences, both on campus and in the community, to create a unique writing portfolio. For more information contact Bob Jonason or visit our web page.

Through the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the UC, students may earn a certificate in Women's Studies. As part of this experience students may participate in internship opportunities on campus, in the Greater Cincinnati community or in other locations across the country. For more information visit the web page.

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Contact Information

If you have any additional questions, or would like to find out more about the opportunities, contact:

Marla Hall
McMicken College of Arts & Sciences
5130F EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center
Tel: 513-556-5332
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0037

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