Organizations today are looking for employees with real life, practical experience. The University of Cincinnati has supported and provided experiential learning programs to give students these experiences since it began the Cooperative Education program in 1906. McMicken College of Arts and Sciences offers experiential education opportunities for students through research and academic internship positions in a number of fields. These opportunities benefit the student, faculty and organizations that choose to get involved.

What is the benefit of an internship?

Find out directly from students and employers:

What is an curricular internship?

Curricular internships are work experiences that provide discipline-appropriate skill development and practice in a professional setting for academic programs in the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences. A curricular internship is a credit-bearing experiential learning opportunity, administered through an academic department, to compliment a student's in-class studies. This  internship is an opportunity for students to gain some "real-life" experience related to their academic major and earn credit toward their degree at the same time. These internships can be full time or part time and may occur while still enrolled in other classes. Number of credits and compensation varies with the department and position. 

What is the difference between a co-op position and an curricular internship position?

While both of these programs focus on providing opportunities for students to enhance their learning through experience, the format and the time commitment of the programs vary. A co-op position is generally a full time position (40 hours/week) for the length of a semester. Co-op students do not take classes while working at their positions. Internships generally require fewer hours of work (8-12 hours/week), and may occur while the student is still taking other classes.

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