Field Courses

Lectures come to life in A&S. McMicken offers many field courses in its various degree programs that allow students to get out of the classroom and dive into the material hands on. Students go off campus to learn more about their coursework, from a day trip to the park to pick up live river specimen to an entire summer in the mountains of Montana. Check with your department to see what field courses are being offered.


Environmental Field Techniques (BIOL 590)
Students get dirty in this course (think hiking in the woods and wading through streams) all while actually practicing their field techniques and gaining course credit.


Geology Summer Field Camps
Want to explore the foothills of the Tobacco Root Mountains in Montana? Traverse the Basin and Range of Nevada? Climb a live volcano in Hawaii? Geology students do all the above. They even travel to the Himalaya. These experiences help students learn about the terrain firsthand and serve as a capstone experience too. More information about all these courses is available on the Geology Web site.


Archaeological Field School at Shawnee Lookout (ANTH 473/773)
You used to get yelled at for playing in the dirt. Not anymore. We encourage you to and even let you earn credit for it. Students conduct arcaeological and geophysical surveys, archaeological excavations, drill core samplings and practice curation techniques and GIS mapping. During summer 2008, students were even part of documentary filming for The History and Discovery Channels.