PR1ZE Student Expectations

The PR1ZE Mentoring Program was developed to help retain and increase the graduation rate of African-American students in the College of Arts and Sciences. With the support of the diversity grant, the program was expanded to include students of color university-wide.

This is a proactive initiative to ensure students utilize additional academic resources with the guidance and support from faculty and professional staff mentors. Students will receive the leadership and direction needed as they continue their successful academic journey at the University of Cincinnati (UC). The program's main goal is to help students "keep their eyes on the PR1ZE"----GRADUATION!


  • Connect students directly with faculty members in their major or field of interest

  • Equip students with better academic tools for graduation

  • Foster strong networking skills for professional growth and development

Benefits of PR1ZE

  • UC faculty and professional staff will serve as committed mentors to provide the necessary support to help on your journey to graduation

  • Opportunity to develop a strong relationship with faculty members who care and understand your need to succeed

  • Appropriate leadership in your academic discipline and guidance with undergraduate research, experiential learning, and other collaborative efforts to advance in your major

  • Monitor and track your academic progress each semester

  • Recommend effective strategies to help reach your academic goals

Time Commitment

  • The frequency of communication should be determined between you and the mentor. The PR1ZE Mentoring Program suggests at least two contacts per month.

  • Attend specific programs and events sponsored by PR1ZE

  • Your mentoring commitment was designed to last until you graduate. However, if the mentor is not a good match, you should request a new mentor. Please inform one of the PR1ZE directors and you will be reassigned with an appropriate mentor.

Student Responsibilities

  • Actively listen to suggestions, recommendations, and/or observations given by your mentor.

  • As your relationship flourishes and you feel more comfortable, be proactive and make the next phone call or reach out via email or other forms of communication.

  • Develop an open and honest relationship while maintaining confidentiality. Ask for positive feedback about a project, internship, job opportunities you may be seeking.

  • Share your experience with other UC students as they may be interested in becoming part of this positive experience.

  • Be courteous and send a "thank you note" after your first meeting. It shows your appreciation and thoughtfulness.

  • Attend and participate in social events throughout the academic year. These are opportunities to network and interact with other faculty members who may be able to assist in achieving your goal.

  • Respect is a two-fold process; you must give respect to receive it. Time is precious, so be respectful of each other's time. If you cannot attend a scheduled meeting, please inform your mentor. Respectfully return faculty phone calls and e-mails in a reasonable time period.

  • No relationship is a perfect match and if this is an incompatible relationship, we'll try to connect you with another mentor. It's important that you find the common thread that binds your experience (Feel free to contact Dr. Ghee or Carol Tonge Mack as issues arise)