Grade Replacement Policy

UC policy requires a student to re-register and pay tuition whenever repeating a course. Instructors may not submit a form to change a grade of "I" or other grade previously reported by allowing a student to repeat a course without re-registering. Unless students complete and submit a Grade Replacement Application to the appropriate college office within the appropriate deadline for the semester, both the first and second (repeated course) grades are computed into the cumulative grade point average.

Undergraduate students may retake up to five courses (no more than 10 credit hours total) and compute only the grade from the most recent registration into the overall GPA. The original grade(s) remain on the student's record along with a symbol indicating the course was repeated.


Plus/Minus Grading System

The University of Cincinnati has implemented a plus/minus grading system which is used at the discretion of the faculty.

The grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, and F are used in courses graded under the traditional grading system as an evaluation of a student's performance.

The grade of P (pass) is used to indicate passing work in courses graded under the pass/fail system as well as for non- credit courses.

The grade of U (unsatisfactory) is used to indicate failure in non-credit courses. The grade of F is the appropriate grade to indicate unsatisfactory work in courses graded under the pass/fail system.

The grade of T (audit) is used when a student has registered as an auditor rather than for credit. The faculty member and the student should agree on the conditions of the audit as the T grade may not be awarded automatically.

The grade of I (incomplete) is used when a course grade has not been finalized. The instructor has either contracted with the student for later completion or has been unable by the grade reporting deadline to evaluate a passing student's performance.

The grade of I/F (failure) is automatically assigned to replace the grade of I (incomplete) after one year if no other change of grade has been submitted.

The grade of W (official withdrawal) or F (failure) are used when the student has withdrawn officially.

The grade of WX (Official Withdrawal-No Participation) is used for those students who officially withdrew from the class (as denoted on the Online Class Grading roster by either “EW” or “W”) but who never attended any classes and did not submit any assigned work.

The grade of UW (unofficial withdrawal) is used when a student has ceased to attend a course, but has not withdrawn officially.

The grade of X (Unofficial Withdrawal-No Participation) is used for students who never attended any classes and did not submit any assigned work. The “X” will appear on the transcript and will carry zero (0.00) quality points. It is calculated into the GPA like the “F” grade.

The grade of IP (in progress) is a temporary grade for use only in courses approved by designated college committees for work to be completed later. If the IP remains on a student's records for one year after the semester has ended, the IP will change to IP/F (failure).

The grades of SP (In Progress-Satisfactory Progress) and UP (In Progress-Unsatisfactory Progress) are used only for those courses approved by College committees to have an extended grading period beyond the normal semester ending due to the nature of the material covered in the courses. Note: the "IP" no longer is valid for courses approved for "IP" grading at the graduate level. An "SP" or "UP" grade must be submitted.

The grade of NP (not proficient) is used only for 103-level and below English courses requiring a level of proficiency to move through the sequence which is approved by the appropriate college committees.

A mark of NG on student grade reports and transcripts means no grade was reported, and the student should see the course instructor.


Grading and Point System

Grade Description Grade Points
A Excellent 4.0000
A-   3.6667
B+   3.3333
B Good 3.0000
B-   2.6667
C+   2.3333
C Satisfactory 2.0000
C-   1.6667
D+   1.3333
D Poor 1.0000
D-   0.6667
F Failure 0.0000
P Pass N/A
U Unsatisfactory N/A
T Audit N/A
I Incomplete 0.0000*
I/F Failure 0.0000
W Withdrawl (Official) N/A
WX Withdrawl (Official-No Participation) 0.0000
UW Unofficial Withdrawl 0.0000
X Unofficial Withdrawal-No Participation 0.0000
SP In Progress - Satisfactory Progress N/A
UP In Progress - Unsatisfactory Progress N/A
NP Not Proficient N/A

F, I/F, IP/F and UW credit hours are counted as hours carried in calculating grade point average.

*The I grade carries no grade points for one (1) semester after it is incurred. Following that the I grade carries zero grade points and is counted as hours carried in calculating grade point average.


Deadline for Changing Grades

For the first year after a course is completed, the course instructor alone has the responsibility to change any grade that was erroneously reported, even if that year extends beyond a student's certification for graduation.

After one year and for three additional years or until graduation (whichever comes first), the instructor may change under- graduate grades only with college approval.

Any grade change after the above deadlines requires the approval of a seven-member appeals panel convened by the director of the Registrar's Office.