Proposal Submission Overview

We understand that you do not want to spend your time cutting through red tape and coordinating administrative projects just to submit a proposal. We also understand that this takes time away from you working with your students and creating your science.

Our office is here to help ease the burden of these time consuming administrative tasks so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best. While there is some administrative work that needs to be completed on your part, we assure you that these tasks are minimal and that we are here to assist you.

In order to reduce administrative proposal workloads, we have compiled a quick reference as to where to start, who to reach out to, and who is responsible for what. 

  • You identify a funding opportunity that aligns with your research goals to which you would like to apply.
  • You develop the science of the proposal while considering project costs and timelines.
  • Your administrator will help gather required documentation and assist in drafting the abstract, budget, and justification.
  • Your administrator will create file in Coeus--UC's internal routing/approval system for all outgoing proposals.
  • Your administrator will request the PI to provide certification  in Coeus through automated notifications and/or email.
  • You will log into Coeus and complete the certification process.
  • Your administrator will complete uploading the required information into Coeus and will route for approval.*

*Note: The PI can continue to work on his/her science during the approval process but abstract, budget, and justification are the minimum documents required for Coeus routing.

  • Once all approvals have been obtained, you will provide the final documents of the proposal package to the administrator.

As a reminder, approvals are required from [1] you; [2] Department Head(s); [3] Associate Dean of Research; and [4] Authorized Organizational Representative.

  • Your administrator will assist you in compiling the final proposal package.
  • Your administrator will send the final proposal package to the AOR for final review.
  • We will review the package and compare it to the Coeus file and RFP. We will clarify any discrepancies.
  • We will notify you that the proposal is ready for submission via email and will request for final permission to submit.
  • Once we receive your approval, we will submit the proposal to the Sponsor and provide you with confirmation of submission.