Interpreting RFP Guidelines

Each Sponsor has its own preferences and requirements, and it is essential that PIs have a complete understanding these RFP-specific requirements to ensure a successful grant submission. 

If there are technical/administrative aspects of the Solicitation that are unclear to you, please consult the following individuals: 

  • First , contact your department's Business Manager, many of whom have many years' experience working with grants. 
  • Second, if the Business Administrator cannot find the answer, please request that s/he contact the Pre-Award Services Office, whose Administrators are able to provide additional support and guidance. 

If you have questions of a scientific or research-specific nature, you may consider reaching out a trusted collegue who is familiar with your area of research. Also, many Solicitations provide contact information for researchers assigned to review programs who are willing to offer program-specific advices. 

In both instances, you may reach out to the Contracting/Programming Officer for assistance regarding questions. They are the experts in the proposal that they have issued.