Coeus Assistance

Coeus is an award management tool used by the University of Cincinnati. This internal routing and approval system allows users to build proposal packages and obtain approvals to submit grants. Additionally, Coeus also allows users to track proposal progress and obtain information related to awards. All proposals being submitted to outside sponsors must complete the approval process through Coeus. 

There are two ways to access Coeus. First, Coeus Lite may appear to some to be the most user friendly, especially for travelers. Its friendly user interface is compatible to most portable devices, and content is easily navigable through descriptive tabs. This may be the best choice in completing basic functions, although more complex options are available. 

Second,  Coeus Premium may be your best option if you are compiling a proposal package, which would include uploading all documentation and budgetary information required for proposal submission. Coeus Premium contains more detailed options and is easier to manage larger amounts of information. There are many icons and drop down menus that guide users, as well as offering several options to sort proposal information. Additionally, Coeus Premium allows users to more easily organize/categorize information and pull post-award information. To access Coeus Premium, you must download it to your desktop

For specific Coeus questions, please email