Budget and Justification Assistance

When constructing a proposal budget, it is crucial that the submitted budget fully supports the project costs, which includes consideration of line items as they relate to direct and indirect costs. It is also highly recommended that the proposal is reviewed by as many people as possible, including the budget and the written justification. 

The Pre-Award Services Office is here to help you create your proposal budget or just be that extra pair of eyes. Schedule an appointment to let us know how we can help.

Helpful Hints:

  • What expenses are absolutely necessary for you to successfully complete the project? If you are able to do so, economize. 
  • What items will you be needing to use in your daily routine? 
  • Thank about what you will need on your travels, such as flights, rooms, registration fees, etc. 
  • Examine your current assets and think about how to apply them to your current project.